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best brushes for hair extensions

The options we have in hair brushes these days is somewhat of an anomaly. How do we know which brush is best for our hair type? Well, there are a couple that are universally awesome and some that have technique behind them for the texture its working with.  We will break it down for you below.


The Mason Pearson is an industry favorite. It is amazing for all hair types. It brushes your scalps natural oils through your hair.  Its great for styling, brushing out styled curls from irons and gives your hair great shine. The pure boar bristle version is the most expensive and will straighten spiral curly hair simply with a blow dryer.  It is a more expensive brush but will last you a lifetime.




The Marilyn Brush is also widely used by industry professionals. This brush, or any boar bristles brush is best used on curly hair for a fab blowout. It will straighten your hair while giving it massive volume and shine. The size of the brush depends on the length of hair it is being used on. Every curly haired girl with a dream of giving herself a beautiful blowout only needs this brush and our How to blow out video.




A metal round brush is best for straight to medium wavy hair for a killer blowout. For a straight blowout use a larger brush and a smaller one for a curly blowout. The metal retains the heat from the blowdryer and with different brands you get different benefits.  In this case the nano technology infuses weightless shine on a molecular level and decreases drying time.




Vent brushes in general are brushes that have holes in them to vent the heat. The round brush above is a vent brush. However when referring to a vent brush most of us think  of a flat wide brush with holes and spaces in between bristles. This is great for straight and slight wavy hair as it will give you great shiny straight hair. We always recommend this brush for bangs.



Last but not least is the wet brush.  This brush is amazing for getting out tangled hair and knots. The bristles are flexible so instead of pulling and breaking the hair they bend with the hair to untangle it.