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French braiding isn’t anything new. We all had our hair in braids as kids if our moms knew how to do it. Now that braids aren’t going anywhere any time soon, let’s stay inspired with multiple ways of adding braids to a hairstyle. Below is a fun braid style we did on Katie Welch using Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame. We give you a step-by-step approach below.

braid hairstyles


Step 1: Put on your hair extensions and prep your hair with a curl or soft wave.

Step 2: Start on the side of your choice and french braid the top section loosely going to the back and pin out of the way. Leave hair out around your face for softness.

Step 3: Take the next section of hair and french braid it back. It doesn’t have to be tight, so its ok if its a little messy. The 3rd section we had some fun and made a fishtail. Its 2 strand braid going back to the same area in the back. pin it to stop the braid from unraveling. If you cant french fishtail its ok to fake it, just fishtail a piece in the front and pull it back.

Step 4: Repeat on the other side.

Step 5: Bring all the sections in the back and braid them together. Tie off with a clear rubber band and wrap a little hair around it with a pin.

Step 6: With your fingers, go through each braid and pull apart a bit. If you want the braid to have even more texture you can pull one side of it out a little bit leaving the other side alone.  This gives the wide braid look. It adds softness and texture to the style.


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