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As the temps rise, our temptation to stay in the sun at any opportunity does too! Being a spontaneous girl means not always having a spray-in spf for hair on hand at all times. Should you find yourself at an impromptu pool party, beach stroll, outdoor lunch or convertible joyride, consider keeping one of these chic protectors in your car or purse, just in case. The sun, as glorious as it is, can dry out much of the moisture out of your hair. This will fade your color quickly, give you crunchy ends and may even burn your scalp, damaging the roots. We say, cover it up!

Hats! Whether it’s a fedora, wide-brim or something off-the-wall like Paris’ captain look, a cool cap is an easy go-to.

Scarves and turbans are the best bet for the fashion forward dame. The options are endless when it comes to topping it off with this look. First, it’s all about the print and texture – tribal, monogram, solid, neon, vintage, and so on. Then, deciding which way to wrap it! Turbans may not have the versatility of a scarf, but it’s an uber-chic way for impressing while protecting. Smart and beautiful! That a dame!