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1.  Choose the right color for you.

The best way to choose the best color for clip-ins is to match the new hair to your existing ends.  Our hair naturally lightens up on our ends so that’s the color you want to match.

If your hair has a blend of colors in it, I would choose the middle tone color, unless you want to add extra highlights – in that case, choose the lightest . By blending with the medium tones, everything will flow together. For adding in highlights, you can add in a few lighter extension pieces.

As you can see here, Khloe chose to use the medium and lightest tones for her extensions. If she had jut gone with the medium tones it would still blend nicely, but she wanted the extra highlights.

2. What are the best products for my clip-ins? 

* For shampoo and conditioner always use sulfate free products. It will keep the hair from drying out.

* Use a leave in conditioner. This will ensure any tangles come out easy so you don’t damage your hair during brushing. You can spray this into the hair when wet or dry.

* Use an Argan oil of your choice. We love Moroccan Oil. Its important to use a high quality oil so to avoid creating build up, and it keeps its lustre and shine.

3.  The best way to wash and care for your pieces.

* Brush the hair out thoroughly before you put them under water. You may use your leave in conditioner for assistance if they are tangled.

* Hang the hair on a pants hanger, hanging it from the top of the weft, space the pieces out with the clips.

* Place it under running water, luke warm. Using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, lightly lather and rinse well.

* Keep them on the hanger and secure it on the back of a door or other safe surface that allows for air drying. (or, as an alternative you may spread them out and lay on a clean towel)


4. Storage

* Get yourself a fab HairClutch at . Once your hair is dry, store them in a HairClutch. This storage and travel solution has a Clip that hangs the hair at the top and keeps it secure for hanging in the closet, and when ready to hit the road with your hair pieces you can fold it up to resemble a woman’s clutch purse.