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Hey, Dames!

The Oscars were pretty hilarious last night complete with that snafu ending. However, the red carpet looks were anything but wrong!  I was so impressed with how gorgeous and beautiful everyone looked. The hair was out of this world.

Pssst… I have a serious new obsession with wigs. Why? because you can literally achieve so many looks so easily and so quickly.  Kris Jenner stated last night on E! that wigs are all the new rage and everyone is wearing them. Even Khloé is using wigs in her makeovers on Revenge Body! This isn’t like the old days when wigs were heavy and plastic looking. Old (to me) meaning when I used to go to raves in the 90’s. I use to also find some really horrible wigs in my grandma’s closet. Well, not anymore!

So many women were wearing wigs last night (we won’t tell who) and some definitely should’ve been (I won’t mention those names either).  However, I will mention some of my absolute fav looks and show you where you can get the wig that matches the cut. You can style it or accessorize it to look as glamorous, hippie, chic, retro, or as classic as you wish! Lux Wigs has all the styles you can replicate. The name of the wig style is below the image.  You can click on the image to get them. Happy wig-wearing for everyone!

Getty Images Name of Wig- Lite Touch Bob

Getty Images
Name of Wig- Lite Touch Bob


Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images Name of Wig- Wavy Pixy


oscars 2017-

Name of Wig- Textured Pixy

Name of Wig- Curled Bob Or Soft Curls

oscars 2017

Name of Wig- Textured Bob

Name of Wig-  Curled bob

Name of Wig- Curled Bob