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Hi, Dames! Don’t we all feel a little romance in the braid department? Like having a braid makes us feel a little more on the romantic side of life? Well, sometimes a short haircut can make our braids (and our romance) fall short, so we decided to show you a braid style with hair extensions that you can do following these instructions below. Don’t get intimidated, the technique we show you below allows for you to replicate this with as much ease as possible and adds a cute flair (the rubber bands in between). You can replace the black rubber bands with sparkle bands, or bands with an ornament. So Check out the steps below and try it at home!

fishtail braids


Step 1: Put on your hair extensions. We love

Step 2: Tease the crown area a little bit for volume and start your fishtail braid. When your just above the ear level tie off with a rubber band.

Step 3-:Start braiding the next section. a fish tail is two strands crossing over an end piece into the next section. The thinner the end piece the more scaley they braid.  The hair extensions allow for short hair to cross over. If a piece falls out stick it under a long piece and it will stay in. Using rubberbands in between keeps the short hair in the braid and adds a cute flair. Tie off the second rubber band as far down as your hair needs support to stay in the braid.

Step 4- Continue braid down to the finish. You can pull apart the braid a little in each section to widen and add some drama to the fish tail. Loosen some hair around your face and… voila! A super romantic braid! Just add some red lipstick and you are ready for your party, Dame!


***Make sure to always store your hair extensions in a HairClutch to keep them safe and to travel in style. They also work as an awesome hair styling assistant, holding your precious locks as you curl or straighten them. (


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