Posted on by Dame Amalia

Hi Dames! How many of us get lost in all our 'stuff'.  Its time to get organized! The reality is, we have organization for our makeup, we have organization for our shoes, we have organization for our handbags.. it's time to have organization for our hair.   Hair extensions stuffed in a drawer or a plastic bag is just plain ol' disrespectful! Just ask your mascara who is sitting in a comfortable home in your makeup bag. HairClutch is here to save the day. A lot of us have several hair pieces - short ones, long ones, light ones, and dark ones. You can put each one in its own home and hang them in your closet neatly. We offer 3 different styles based on the weight of your hair extensions. The OG Dame holds a 6-7 piece clip in set (think Bellami, Cashmere or even Luxy Hair) . The Signature Collection holds a halo piece perfectly and even a bang or ponytail. The Classic holds the least weight, but some of us only have a couple of pieces for extra volume. Whatever you have, we have the home for your hair. You can separate your hairstyles with different colored clutches so you always know which clutch to grab when you are on the go. Don't wait anymore- Get your HairClutch today and use DAME10 at checkout for the girl's girl discount. 


Dame Amalia