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Dames,  2018 is all about our dreams coming true and the goals we have been working toward coming full circle. Well, why does our hair have to be left out of that?!  Girl, let's get our dream hair on this year! Lets be honest, most of our dream hair includes hair extensions. I mean, you can either have a basic ponytail or a pony that says BAM! You can have a basic blowout or a blowout that says BAM! It is important to know that once you take the plunge and buy your hair extensions you need proper hair extension storage. Protect your investment. Whether you wear them every day or once a year, those babies cost you between $150-$450. Time to give them a proper home!! 

Here's our girl Nastasia B @titzandgritz showing off how she uses her HairClutch to protect her styles. 

hair extension holder

hair extensions styler

hair extensions storage and styling assistant



Dame Amalia