• Top 5 Favorite Hair Extensions: Get Your Dream Hair NOW!

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    Long hair , long ponytails, thick chignons and french twists. This makes our hair dreams come true . We want to share with you our favorite hair extension lines. We scoured the market for our favorites within different price points and our favorite products from those brands are…

    1. Secret Hair Extensions by Daisy Fuentes– These hair pieces are inexpensive and really fun to go out in. You can buy a few pieces to make them thicker and every time you change your hair color, you can buy a new hair piece. They are great for a fun night out.


    2. Cashmere Hair Extensions of Beverly Hills–  As seen on Shark Tank, these girls have really taken the hair extension world by storm. Cashmere hair extensions offers high quality hair at a reasonable price, competitive in their market, but quality exceeds their competition. Right now they are have a Vantines Day special, so get your hair pieces asap!


    3. Hairpieces from the Hair Shop- This hair extension store has a mid level quality of hair, mostly Asain hair. However, their selection of hair pieces is incomparable. From bangs to falls and ponytails their are several options to achieve the look you want.


    4. Orchid Hair Extensions- Do you want the same hair that the stars in movies wear? Then this is the store for you. The creators of Orchid hair are department heads of hair in box office films and the hair is the best you can get. Manufactured in Bali, the quality of these hair pieces is the best of the best. The caviar of hair. It is definately an investment, but worth every dime.


    5. Hair Lingerie Tape Extensions– (a pro needed) looking for something a little more permanent? We’ve got you covered! Chrissy Tiegen, Kylie, and Khloe all have something in common, besides being gorgeous of course- they all wear Hair Lingerie. Superior quality tape in extensions. Check out the website for a salon near you to find the pro that can give you the hair of your dreams.


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  • Traveling With Hair Extensions? You MUST Get This Game Changer

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    Lets keep it real Dames, our hair is our most important accessory. Obvi thats why most of us have a secret stash of hair extensions in our lingerie drawer or stuffed in the back of our closet so our men dont know our secret. Well, their is a fantastic solution for this little problem. When traveling with your hair this summer you MUST get yourself a HairClutch. It is the perfect solution for travel, storage, and it even triples as your styling assistant!  Check it out on hairclutch.com

    Here’s a cool video on how to use the product.

    Hair in video is provided by Cashmere Hair Extensions of Beverly Hills.

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  • Blunt Haircut + Clip In Hair Extensions = No problem

    clip in hair extensions

    Hey there Dames, did you follow the blunt haircut trend and now your hair extensions are sitting in a drawer and you’re afraid they don’t blend in anymore?  Never fear, The Hair Dame is here!! Here is a cool step by step video on how to apply your clip ins without getting that weird short hair around your neckline. We used our favorite clips ins by Cashmere Hair extensions of Beverly Hills in the video.


    Step 1- Section the bottom hair below your nape and pin up in a little knot with a bobby pin, clip in the piece with 3 clips right above this

    Step 2- With a rat tail comb, section out about an inch above that, the next section of hair.  Clip in the piece with 4 clips right above that.

    Step 3- Repeat step 2.

    Step 4- On the side, create a diagonal section, so the hair piece lays toward your face. Clip in the piece with 2 clips.

    Step 5- Section 1 inch above that, bring that hair down, following the diagonal section below. Clip in the piece with 2 clips. Bring your top hair down over it.

    Step 6- Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the other side.


    Make Sure to get your HairClutch to store your precious hair pieces here.

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  • How To: Create a Long Ponytail With a Short Haircut


    Short hair, no problem. Here’s a cool way of creating a voluminous ponytail with Clip in Hair Extensions. We have used the Cashmere Hair Extensions of Beverly Hills . It is the best quality hair and they have tons of colors to choose from.  Video Below


    Step 1-  Separate the bottom section of hair with a hair pin.

    Step 2-  Place mid size clip in piece right above it ( piece with 3 clips)

    Step3-  Separate about 1/2″ of hair and place next size hair piece above that

    Step 4-  Repeat with 3rd piece ( longest piece, 4 clips)

    Step 5-  Gather hair to the back making sure tracks aren’t showing.

    Step6-  Tie off hair with rubber band and take hair that is pinned on bottom and wrap it around ponytail.

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