• 5 Celebrities You Will Be Shocked To Learn Wear Hair Extensions..

    5 Celebrities You Will Be Shocked To Learn Wear Hair Extensions..

    Dames, the cat is out of the bag.  We know, that you know, most celebs all wear hair extensions BUT some are so good you would have no idea its not all their real hair.   Here are a few you may be surprised to hear us say -YES those are extensions!  Question, have you ever wondered why they are using extra hair pieces?  Wonder no more.  Come along with us to find out the answers...

    celebrity hair extensions

    1. Jennifer Lawrence is wearing hair extensions here!? Yes, girrrl!  If you have fine hair and you want a short cut , hair extensions are everything to accent the style. They can really pull out the shape if its an A-line or fill in the sides for thickness in the front. 

    erika jayne hair extensions

    2. Erika Jayne- we all know she wears hair pieces but how is this look hair extensions? Do you see the volume on this bun? No one has a natural bun that size, that is all hair pieces baby. 
    jessica alba hair extensions
    3. Jessica Alba- yep, even a mid length crop can use a little bit of extra hair help for thickness to make your wavy style not only pop but keep that wave hold. 
    reese witherspoon hair extensions
    4. Reese Witherspoon- ok, you might think this is for length..but nope. Sometimes celebs want a blonder look but without more damage to your hair.  Hair extensions are the solution. If you look close you can see the underneath hair is darker. Lighter pieces placed at top to mimic highlights.
    JLo hair extension storage
    5. JLO- Ponytails are so in right now, and none of them look red carpet banging without a little hair extension help.
    Moral of the story Dames? Don't be afraid to use hair extensions to your advantage, and don't be afraid you will look too done up or over the top. These celebs above have shown us that hair extensions are just an accessory to make your hairstyle look better! 
    P.S. You better believe that these women take really good care of their pieces, we know because we are friends with their stylists. The #1 go to for their hair travel, storage, and styling help is HairClutch
    Check out what celebrity hairstylist Roger Medina has to say:

    To get your's use code DAME10 at checkout for a sweet discount. 


    Dame Amalia 

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  • Hair Curling 101: Horizontal vs Vertical Waves

    Hi Dames! What the heck is a vertical wave or horizontal wave? I’ll tell you- lots of women ask me how to achieve the super glam waves celebs sport on the red carpet or how to achieve the perfect beach wave all year round. The answer is knowing which direction to hold your iron. Check out the how to do video below.


    the hair dame glam waves

    Horizontal waves create a very glam style best for evening look. Hold your iron so the barrel is pointing horizontal.

    thehair dame beach waves

    Vertical waves create a day time, summer, casual style. Hold your iron pointing downward.


    Let me know how it works out for you!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Messy Hairstyles for Classy Parties


    As we all know its summertime. Summer calls for a few Trends when it comes to hairstyles and looking good, 1 is braids, 2 is texture, 3 is parties. Now, there is a fine line between texture that looks intended and a hot mess. You don’t want to be the hot mess. How do we know what how to be classy instead of messy? Let The hair Dame show you the difference…






    Dont do this to your self. YOu can make big messy hair look classy and these are the rules on how to do it….


    Rule #1-

    You need half of the hairstyle polished and groomed. If your wearing a messy ponytail, make sure the sides and top are sleek and slicked. If your doing a messy braid, make sure only the braid is messy and the sections going into it are neat. If your wearing a braid as an accessory mixed in with loose hair, make sure the loose hair has a shape and is somewhat polished .




    Rule #2-

    Make sure your teased hair is covered properly. Tease all day, but polish the hair on top so we dont see a rats nest up in there.



    Rule #3-

    Big hair needs a shape or you will look like hot mess barbie up above. Create a wave in your hair and brush it out if you want a thick voluminous look. you can tease the inside and make it big, but dont leave it straight and stringy.


    Follow these rules and you will have nailed texture and ditched the hot mess! Have fun! Check out our channel on Youtube for more quick tips by The Hair Dame.


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  • Coachella Inspired: I’m Too Cool To Care (but I totally do) Hair


    Whether you’re all for Coachella, Nochella or Couchella – one thing we can all agree on is that the music festival you’ve grown to love, hate, or still haven’t heard of is synonymous with a certain style. As far as fashion, it’s a massive explosion of Urban Outfitters and American Apparel – which we’re not hating on. And since Indigo is located in the hot dessert where hot tools for touchups are few and far between, the ladies have no choice but to stay on-trend with loose braids and hippy-hair. Two products you MUST have in your bag to maintain this look all weekend without looking dirty is dry shampoo and beach spray!

    Below are some beautiful looks to inspire your inner Coachella Take them with you to your next music festival, picnic or beach day – xo

    Images from Refinery 29!


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  • Top 10 Celeb Hair Moments of 2012!

    Top 10 Celeb Hair Moments of 2012! #10 Jessica Biel

    She really banged it out this year with her chic fringe.

    Top 10 Celeb Hair Moments of 2012! #9 Kelly Osborne


    You make setting trends look easy. Your lavender hair is gorgeous! #thehairdameaaward

    Top 10 Celeb Hair Moments of 2012! #8 Ashley Greene

    Ashley went red and we know Ted Gibson did it ! Gorgeous!


    Top 10 Celeb Hair Moments of 2012! #7 Miley Cyrus

    She shocked everyone with her cute crop, and its hot! Big ups to her stylist Chris Mcmillan!


    Top 10 Celeb Hair Moments of 2012! #6 Rihanna

    We were shocked after she cut her hair similar to her look alike, Jocelyn from love and hip hop, but who are we kidding, Rihanna wore it best.

    Top 10 Celeb Hair Moments of 2012! #5 Beyonce

    She rocked a new version of the bowl cut. We are still undecided about it. What do you think? We will always love you, Beyonce!


    Top 10 Celeb Hair Moments of 2012! #4 Anne Hathaway

    Actors always play the part with their hairstyles, but this style wore Annie best! What do you think?


    Top 10 Celeb Hair Moments of 2012! #3 Kate Beckinsale

    So is it true Kate, do blondes have more fun? We think so! P.S. You look amazing!



    Top 10 Celeb Hair Moments of 2012! #2 Rose McGowan

    Rose took a turn for blonde hair too! We didn’t even recognize her! What do you guys think? We think blondes have more fun!

    Top 10 Celeb Hair Moments of 2012! #1 Demi Lovato

    During X Factor, Demi had more hairstyles than we could count, but going brunette was definitely the most shocking. Did you guys like it?

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