• Messy Hairstyles for Classy Parties


    As we all know its summertime. Summer calls for a few Trends when it comes to hairstyles and looking good, 1 is braids, 2 is texture, 3 is parties. Now, there is a fine line between texture that looks intended and a hot mess. You don’t want to be the hot mess. How do we know what how to be classy instead of messy? Let The hair Dame show you the difference…






    Dont do this to your self. YOu can make big messy hair look classy and these are the rules on how to do it….


    Rule #1-

    You need half of the hairstyle polished and groomed. If your wearing a messy ponytail, make sure the sides and top are sleek and slicked. If your doing a messy braid, make sure only the braid is messy and the sections going into it are neat. If your wearing a braid as an accessory mixed in with loose hair, make sure the loose hair has a shape and is somewhat polished .




    Rule #2-

    Make sure your teased hair is covered properly. Tease all day, but polish the hair on top so we dont see a rats nest up in there.



    Rule #3-

    Big hair needs a shape or you will look like hot mess barbie up above. Create a wave in your hair and brush it out if you want a thick voluminous look. you can tease the inside and make it big, but dont leave it straight and stringy.


    Follow these rules and you will have nailed texture and ditched the hot mess! Have fun! Check out our channel on Youtube for more quick tips by The Hair Dame.


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  • How To: Have a Knot Day Like Gwen Stefani!


    Gwen Stefani has been rocking this super high knotted bun all around lately –  and we love it! What a chic way to keep it simple and sexy on a hot day… or hot date? Her hairstylist of forever – the famous Danillo, showcased her go-to style for the latest issue of Harpers Bazaar. We’ve been inspired by Gwen’s never-tragic-looks since 2005’s ‘Tragic Kingdom’ and we’re not going to stop now! To keep up with this trendsetter’s latest look, follow our easy step-by-steps below:

    Step 1) Secure your hair in a super high ponytail at the top of your head. The higher the better!

    Step 2) Bring your hair through the loop of your rubber band, ringing the pony through as if you were tying a knot.

    Step 3) Use bobby pins to put your hair in place and create your own undone look.

    It’s literally as easy as 1,2,3…. Have fun with it, the messier the better!



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