• Top 5 Favorite Hair Extensions: Get Your Dream Hair NOW!

    how to wash hair extensions

    Long hair , long ponytails, thick chignons and french twists. This makes our hair dreams come true . We want to share with you our favorite hair extension lines. We scoured the market for our favorites within different price points and our favorite products from those brands are…

    1. Secret Hair Extensions by Daisy Fuentes– These hair pieces are inexpensive and really fun to go out in. You can buy a few pieces to make them thicker and every time you change your hair color, you can buy a new hair piece. They are great for a fun night out.


    2. Cashmere Hair Extensions of Beverly Hills–  As seen on Shark Tank, these girls have really taken the hair extension world by storm. Cashmere hair extensions offers high quality hair at a reasonable price, competitive in their market, but quality exceeds their competition. Right now they are have a Vantines Day special, so get your hair pieces asap!


    3. Hairpieces from the Hair Shop- This hair extension store has a mid level quality of hair, mostly Asain hair. However, their selection of hair pieces is incomparable. From bangs to falls and ponytails their are several options to achieve the look you want.


    4. Orchid Hair Extensions- Do you want the same hair that the stars in movies wear? Then this is the store for you. The creators of Orchid hair are department heads of hair in box office films and the hair is the best you can get. Manufactured in Bali, the quality of these hair pieces is the best of the best. The caviar of hair. It is definately an investment, but worth every dime.


    5. Hair Lingerie Tape Extensions– (a pro needed) looking for something a little more permanent? We’ve got you covered! Chrissy Tiegen, Kylie, and Khloe all have something in common, besides being gorgeous of course- they all wear Hair Lingerie. Superior quality tape in extensions. Check out the website for a salon near you to find the pro that can give you the hair of your dreams.


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  • DIY Video: How To Create A Fishtail With Hair Extensions


    Do you have short hair and you covet a long braid that your girlfriends have? Well, Dame, no need to covet, just purchase some hair from our new favorite company- Cashmere Hair extensions of Beverly Hills and let The Hair Dame show you the way.  Check out our video below….


    Step 1- Separate the very bottom of your hair beneath your nape and pin it up.

    Step 2- Insert the clip in piece with the 3 clips righ tbaove that section

    Step 3- Separate just a 1/2″ section of hair and add another 3 clip piece.

    Step 4- Separate another 1/2″ section , but placement of this piece is more of a wrap around the side of the head.

    Step 5- Add a 2 clip piece on the side where braid will be.

    step 4- Pull all your hair to 1 side and tie off with a rubber band

    step 5- Create fishtail braid.


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  • Traveling With Hair Extensions? You MUST Get This Game Changer

    hair extensions storage, kim kardashian hair extensions,

    Lets keep it real Dames, our hair is our most important accessory. Obvi thats why most of us have a secret stash of hair extensions in our lingerie drawer or stuffed in the back of our closet so our men dont know our secret. Well, their is a fantastic solution for this little problem. When traveling with your hair this summer you MUST get yourself a HairClutch. It is the perfect solution for travel, storage, and it even triples as your styling assistant!  Check it out on hairclutch.com

    Here’s a cool video on how to use the product.

    Hair in video is provided by Cashmere Hair Extensions of Beverly Hills.

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  • Blunt Haircut + Clip In Hair Extensions = No problem

    clip in hair extensions

    Hey there Dames, did you follow the blunt haircut trend and now your hair extensions are sitting in a drawer and you’re afraid they don’t blend in anymore?  Never fear, The Hair Dame is here!! Here is a cool step by step video on how to apply your clip ins without getting that weird short hair around your neckline. We used our favorite clips ins by Cashmere Hair extensions of Beverly Hills in the video.


    Step 1- Section the bottom hair below your nape and pin up in a little knot with a bobby pin, clip in the piece with 3 clips right above this

    Step 2- With a rat tail comb, section out about an inch above that, the next section of hair.  Clip in the piece with 4 clips right above that.

    Step 3- Repeat step 2.

    Step 4- On the side, create a diagonal section, so the hair piece lays toward your face. Clip in the piece with 2 clips.

    Step 5- Section 1 inch above that, bring that hair down, following the diagonal section below. Clip in the piece with 2 clips. Bring your top hair down over it.

    Step 6- Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the other side.


    Make Sure to get your HairClutch to store your precious hair pieces here.

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  • How To: Create a Long Ponytail With a Short Haircut


    Short hair, no problem. Here’s a cool way of creating a voluminous ponytail with Clip in Hair Extensions. We have used the Cashmere Hair Extensions of Beverly Hills . It is the best quality hair and they have tons of colors to choose from.  Video Below


    Step 1-  Separate the bottom section of hair with a hair pin.

    Step 2-  Place mid size clip in piece right above it ( piece with 3 clips)

    Step3-  Separate about 1/2″ of hair and place next size hair piece above that

    Step 4-  Repeat with 3rd piece ( longest piece, 4 clips)

    Step 5-  Gather hair to the back making sure tracks aren’t showing.

    Step6-  Tie off hair with rubber band and take hair that is pinned on bottom and wrap it around ponytail.

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  • Beach Day to Night Hairstyles..Time To Turn It Up!


    The weather is warming up and so are our hairstyles! Summer is approaching and we want you to be equipped with the right ideas to take your beachy look daytime hair out for a little turn up at night. Here’s a few ideas that keep you in with a summer vibe without the hot mess


    source: fashion-kid.net


    If you have fine hair, a little beach could give you some much appreciated texture. Just go with it, add in some clip in extensions, try cashmere hair and do a chunky side braid.  We want texture so to juxtapose this make sure the top and part are groomed nicely,  the hair that is down can be big and messy. This is what keeps it looking on purpose messy- not hot mess.



    source: blog.blush.com


    What? you don’t know how to braid?? Don’t worry! The  topknot is still on fuego and going to be a constant go to this summer.  You want to make sure the sides and back are slicked super tight and the knot can be as messy as possible.


    source ourvanity.com


    You can’t go wrong with a textured long ponytail. You can either use a ponytail piece that you just tie on to your own pony, or you can use the smaller hair extension pieces in your set and layer them- clipped in on top of each other going down the back of your head. Then slick back the sides and tie it up. Spray some Oribe texture spray on and tease it up a bit. Voila!!


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  • THE HAIR SOLUTION we have all been waiting for.. HAIRCLUTCH!!

    hair extension storage

    Hair extensions make up a multi-billion dollar business and compliment any look as we hair fanatics know.  We who wear extensions, sell extensions or carry them around as professionals for styling on set have all had one problem in common- NO STORAGE for our hair!  This problem has caused us to damage the hair, shorten its life span and difficulty for styling the hair pieces.  GOOD NEWS! We are here to report we found a solution- its called HairClutch! HairClutch is an awesome bag that folds up to look like a woman’s clutch purse.  It folds out for hanging in the closet for hair storage and holds the hair into place which allows you to style the hair while its hanging in the bag.  HairClutch is chic, fashionable, efficient and well designed to suit your hair extension needs for hair storage, travel and styling.

    HairClutch is now available for pre-order.  We suggest you get your hands on your HairClutch while you can.  Two of their styles are already sold out! Get em while you can ladies. We love this product.

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  • Ready To Try Clip-in Hair Extensions? Here’s How To Choose, Create & Care for Your New Hair!


    1.  Choose the right color for you.

    The best way to choose the best color for clip-ins is to match the new hair to your existing ends.  Our hair naturally lightens up on our ends so that’s the color you want to match.

    If your hair has a blend of colors in it, I would choose the middle tone color, unless you want to add extra highlights – in that case, choose the lightest . By blending with the medium tones, everything will flow together. For adding in highlights, you can add in a few lighter extension pieces.

    As you can see here, Khloe chose to use the medium and lightest tones for her extensions. If she had jut gone with the medium tones it would still blend nicely, but she wanted the extra highlights.

    2. What are the best products for my clip-ins? 

    * For shampoo and conditioner always use sulfate free products. It will keep the hair from drying out.

    * Use a leave in conditioner. This will ensure any tangles come out easy so you don’t damage your hair during brushing. You can spray this into the hair when wet or dry.

    * Use an Argan oil of your choice. We love Moroccan Oil. Its important to use a high quality oil so to avoid creating build up, and it keeps its lustre and shine.

    3.  The best way to wash and care for your pieces.

    * Brush the hair out thoroughly before you put them under water. You may use your leave in conditioner for assistance if they are tangled.

    * Hang the hair on a pants hanger, hanging it from the top of the weft, space the pieces out with the clips.

    * Place it under running water, luke warm. Using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, lightly lather and rinse well.

    * Keep them on the hanger and secure it on the back of a door or other safe surface that allows for air drying. (or, as an alternative you may spread them out and lay on a clean towel)


    4. Storage

    * Get yourself a fab HairClutch at www.hairclutch.com . Once your hair is dry, store them in a HairClutch. This storage and travel solution has a Clip that hangs the hair at the top and keeps it secure for hanging in the closet, and when ready to hit the road with your hair pieces you can fold it up to resemble a woman’s clutch purse.




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  • Holiday Hair for a Dame

    Happy Holidays

    This week is filled with post-work hour Holiday shenanigans of all kinds! Here are some hairstyle ideas to help turn your work hair into something to be cheery about!

    The deep side-swoop has been a big hit this winter season, so we are giving you the scoop on how to do this swoop with each of these festive hairstyles.


    What you  will need:

    5 bobby pins
    1 rubberband
    a brush or comb

    Start out by creating a deep side part. Backcomb the crown area to create volume. Pull all your hair to a side pony and tie with your rubberband. Then grab sections of the pony and wrap around your fingers and use bobby pins secure each section. Continue doing this until there’s no hair left hanging down. It doesn’t have to be perfect – messy is good! If there’s anything left hanging, just grab it , twist it, and pin it! Use some finishing hairspray and you are good to go!




    What you need:

    5 bobby pins
    1 rubberband
    brush or teasing comb
    ponytail hair extension (optional)

    Use your teasing comb to backcomb your crown area to create volume. Create a deep side-swoop with your bangs, pull all of your hair to one side and tie it with a rubberband. If your ponytail is a little thin and you want to add thickness, you can easily add a ponytail hairpiece .Take a piece of hair from the pony and wrap it around the rubberband to cover it, using bobby pins to secure it in place. Hairspray to finish!




    What you need:

    1 1/2″ curling iron
    head band
    clip-in hair extensions (optional)
    Start by giving your hair a good brushing. If you’re going to use clip in hair extensions, put them in first before styling. Use some shine serum for defrizzing, like Morraccan oil. Take your curling iron and using 2″ sections at a time, wrap your hair around the iron. When wrapping each section, alternate wave directions by wrapping both towards and away from your face. This will keep the curls separated and voluminous. Put your fabulous headband on and set with finishing spray. Voila!


    This next holiday hairstyle would be great for short hair with chunky or growing out layers

    This is an example of a holiday style that we recently did for the amazing Dottie Mattison.

    What you need:
    bobby pins
    teasing comb
    1′ curling iron
    dry shampoo

    If you are growing out a short cut or have shorter hair with layers, a go to would be to put some curl in it. It will be more malleable for you to play with. Start out by spraying your hair with dry shampoo at the root and lightly spray hairspray on your ends. Take your comb and create your deep side swoop by lining the comb with the arch of your eye brow and comb towrds the middle of your head. Take your 1″ curling iron and wrap sections of your hair around the iron. Take smaller to medium sections around your face and on top, and take bigger sections in the back and bottom. Wrap the hair around your iron in the direction away from your face on both sides. When finished finger through all the waves and even shake it out. The more messy ,the more texture, and all the better. Use your teasing comb and tease the crown area to give a little volume. If you have fine hair use the wide end of the comb and back comb from the bottom of the curl up very lightly- this will give the wave some texture and density.  From here, grab all the hair on the bottom and the side together and tuck them into a knot and pin it with a bobby. The key is to just pull, tuck , and pin. Hairspray to finish!

    Hope you have a fabulous hair-holiday!

    The Hair Dame

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