• Dry Damaged Hair, Tight Budget?

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    Winter can take a toll on our hair. The heaters in our homes, the comfort food in our belly’s and the lack of exercise, believe it or not all effects the moisture in our hair. Some of us don’t have the budget to spend hundreds of dollars on hair treatments, fancy shampoos, or high end salon products in general. The best advice we can give you is to invest in one thing that will quench your entire body including and especially your hair- coconut oil.  You can combine coconut oil with mashed avocado and make a mask for your hair (and your face too),  you can apply it in the shower and rinse it out, or you can even apply a small amount in for a leave in treatment. Its a fantastic hot oil treatment as well.

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  • The ‘Wet Look’! Have you noticed this trend on the fashion circuit?


    For the last year or so, we have been noticing “the wet look” on the red carpets and at fashion events. We, personally, love the look—it’s chic, edgy and actually easy to achieve. Some people recommend layering greasy hair products like gel, pomade, and different oils, but this can build up to a flaky mess if you don’t use the right combination of products.

    Well, we’re just gonna spill the beans on the industry secret—Coconut Oil!! Yep, that’s right, just coconut oil. It’s not only amazing for your face, your body, and as a conditioner, but you can use it as a styling product too, and it stays and gives you the look you want, with no mess.

    To Get The Look:

    1. Blow dry your hair as usual (you can check out our blowout video).

    2.  Put a generous amount of coconut oil in your hands and rub through the top of your hair starting at your hairline.

    3. Apply it throughout your hair, starting at your roots to just a few inches below (leave out the ends).

    4. If you wish to create an updo you can comb it through to your ends and style as usual.

    *Bonus Tip: It works for men too—just add a little bit of gel in for the hold factor.

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