• Long Hair Dont Care… Long 70’s Hair is in For Fall


    Hey DAMEs how is everything feeling the fall vibes? As we predicted after Fashion Week A/W2015, long hair is back for fall. Now is the time for us to rock it out. If your growing out your hair from the bob’s and the robert haircuts that have been in style, no worries. Thats what we have hair extensions for. We love Cashmere Hair extensions of Beverly Hills. Here’s some of our favorite looks for fall..

    fall hair trends

    fall hair trends


    fall hairstyles

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  • Fall Trends with Intentional Style

    fall hair trends

    Hey Dames, it has now entered fall season and guess what that means?!  Its time to bust out the leather jackets and coiffed sleek hair!  Throw out those beach sprays and humidifiers and bust out the blow dryers and flat irons.  The look for the season is sleek, long, and fierce. Here’s a few of our favorite looks from the runways that will keep us on point in the streets.  Long straight low ponytails, deep side parts, long hair soft waves, and french twists. Welcome fall styles!


    fall hair trends

    fall hair trends

    fall hair trends

    fall hair trends

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  • How to bang for fall

    hair extension storage

    Bangs, They are always a point of interest but a hard follow through. Better yet, follow through with disappointment sometimes. Here’s a couple ideas to get you through the season and staying on trend.

    1. A good mid-length bang  with a side sweep or a middle part can be the perfect hybrid to a wishful fringe without the commitment of a full bang, and also compliments the mid length cut/ long bob that has been trending this year.




    2. Buy some clip on bangs. Its a great accessory to add to your hair collection and absolutely no commitment. The Hair Shop has some great options and so does LuxHair .




    Make sure when purchasing hair pieces you have appropriate storage for them to lengthen their life. The best all around storage, travel, and styling aid is HairClutch.



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  • The Evolution of Bangs!

    Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 11.36.49 AM

    Every fall season, most of us cut bangs and then start growing them out immediately.  It’s a fun process we go through every year! Here is the process of the ” BANG” from start to finish, hope  it  helps you with your dilemma…


    The First Cut- We love them!

    They start to get long, but don”t want to cut again- the grow out process begins with a side sweep.

    The sweep turns into a swoop, but you’re making it work.

    They cant grow fast enough, but the middle part start to work for a cheek bone frame.

    Finally!! sexy long layers around the face again. So glad bang trend is over!!

    Note to self: Next time just buy clip in bangs…

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  • Style Forecast: Hair Ornaments

    Tips for Women Hair Jewelry
    Decorating your do with a sparkling piece is a timeless tradition that has been favored in the fall and winter seasons for many generations. It’s a classic way to show off a put-together look that is perfect for those holiday parties. Its also a quick and smart way to take your look from day to night. Be festive and have fun with it! Throw a pretty piece in your ‘do and get to dancing… thats the Dame way!

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  • Trend Alert: BANGS! Not Wanting To Make The Cut? We’ll Show You How…

    Zoey Deschanel
    Fringe. Brow-sweepers. Face-framers. Whatever you want to call them, bangs are still in and hotter than ever!  Blunt bangs are a great way  to switch up your look or just add some edge –  but so many of us are afraid of committing to the cut… Have no fear! There is still a way to get that sassy look without trimming your tresses. Go commitment-free and use clip-in textured bangs like the ones we love from LUXHAIR™. They are simple to use and come in a variety of shades. Check out this pic of Kim Kardashian for example. She is sporting those snaps ins and looking fab in them!… easy in, easy out.

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  • Bouffants Are Back, Big Time!


    … And when we say big, we mean BIG! For this fresh take on the beehive, think less Winehouse and more Moschino! The designer showed us how it’s done during his recent show at Milan Fashion Week and we are all over this look!

    Hair Dame tip: Make sure you have a Mason Pearson brush  and your trusty L’oreal Elnett hairspray. Don’t be shy about teasing up those tresses! Get your height on!

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