• Cool for the Summer: 6 Fun and Easy hairstyles That Aren’t Boring!

    alex rodriguez

    HI Dames! Summer is right at your doorstep so I wanted to give you some cool ideas of how to through your hair in a cool style on the go. Below are 6 easy go to’s you can rock anytime or anywhere. They all can go from beach to party, office to drinks, or day time shopping to evening date. Check it out..


    summer hairstyles with secret extensions


    Look 1: A side french braid is an easy go to, but thats not all thats happening here. She is wearing the Salon Edition Secret Extensions, which is 18″ of length. You can use your HairClutch to assist you with holding the hair while you beach wave it. Then throw them on and braid the side and bam, sexy summer here you go!

    jamie hauptmaunn


    Look 2: To knots aren’t going anywhere, they are still cool, and this summer you can play with this look like Jamie did by adding Secret extensions to give you blonder vibes with this style. Jamie has hardly any blonde in her natural hair, and you can see here, she has a flawless balayage look going on.

    alex rodriguez


    Look 3: A top bun is always a good go to but how about bangs? Yes!! These are actually clip on bangs. The Secret bangs are so cool, they have a great shape that are easily customizable in the cut and the colors blend in so well with any hair color. you can get yours here.

    the hair dame and secret extensions


    Look 4: You want to rock a high pony like Khloe Kardashian and want some blonde bits and fullness? Check out this video on how to achieve this look with Secret Extensions ~> Here.

    jamie hauptmann


    Look 5: Fishtail braids? Yes please! Lets be honest though, these braids look cooler with a pop of color in them. You can achieve this look by using some blonde Secret Extensions.

    FullSizeRender 5Look 6: Add accessories to your style! In this case, adding little metal flowers or cute pints to your bobble braid is a nice touch. It just spices up your style and takes it from day to night seemlessly.

    Make sure to tag us on your hairstyles for a repost!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame



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  • 7 Reasons You Want Secret Extensions + 7 Easy Styles To Do Yourself


    Hi Dames! Hair extensions are all the rage, but not many provide the ability for as much versatility as others. Secret Extensions gives you maximum looks to work with from color and length to assistance upgrading your hairstyles with more flavor. Take a stroll with us down the hair dream path with our friend Jamie Hauptmann as we break down exactly what you can do with your color and hairstyles.


    Reason #1 Hair life is just a little boring without extra hair pieces. Here’s Jamie, before Secret Extensions entered.


    Reason #2 Add length and volume with your natural color. 16″ of length and double the volume has made Jamie’s hair wow worthy. This is her natural color


    Reason #3 You can alter your hair color even slightly by adding a darker hair piece. Jamie used a much darker hair piece with ombre ends.


    Reason #4 You can layer different colors using multiple pieces to create multi dimensional blondes in your hair.


    Reason #5 Create long fun braids adding dimensional color to them!


    Reason #6 Give yourself extra length and volume when going half up for a top knot!


    Reason #7 Say goodbye to limp ponytails. This hair can give you THE perfect pony.

    If these pictures weren’t enough inspiration for you, check out this video I created with Jamie and Kevin Maher. This Dame definitely knows how to drop it like its hot with her Secret Extensions!


    You can get your Secret Extensions here and make sure to pair it with your HairClutch.

    Big thanks to Jamie Hauptmann @jamiehauptmann  Kevin Maher @kmaher56

    Shout out and thank you to Candice for the music: @ticandace “Duttyboy”



    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Romantic Braids for Under the Mistletoe

    the hair dame and braids

    Hi, Dames! Don’t we all feel a little romance in the braid department? Like having a braid makes us feel a little more on the romantic side of life? Well, sometimes a short haircut can make our braids (and our romance) fall short, so we decided to show you a braid style with hair extensions that you can do following these instructions below. Don’t get intimidated, the technique we show you below allows for you to replicate this with as much ease as possible and adds a cute flair (the rubber bands in between). You can replace the black rubber bands with sparkle bands, or bands with an ornament. So Check out the steps below and try it at home!

    fishtail braids


    Step 1: Put on your hair extensions. We love www.secretextensionsbythehairdame.com.

    Step 2: Tease the crown area a little bit for volume and start your fishtail braid. When your just above the ear level tie off with a rubber band.

    Step 3-:Start braiding the next section. a fish tail is two strands crossing over an end piece into the next section. The thinner the end piece the more scaley they braid.  The hair extensions allow for short hair to cross over. If a piece falls out stick it under a long piece and it will stay in. Using rubberbands in between keeps the short hair in the braid and adds a cute flair. Tie off the second rubber band as far down as your hair needs support to stay in the braid.

    Step 4- Continue braid down to the finish. You can pull apart the braid a little in each section to widen and add some drama to the fish tail. Loosen some hair around your face and… voila! A super romantic braid! Just add some red lipstick and you are ready for your party, Dame!


    ***Make sure to always store your hair extensions in a HairClutch to keep them safe and to travel in style. They also work as an awesome hair styling assistant, holding your precious locks as you curl or straighten them. (www.hairclutch.com)


    Make sure to tag us on IG with your romantic braid, we will repost our faves!


    The Dames

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  • DIY Video: How To Create A Fishtail With Hair Extensions


    Do you have short hair and you covet a long braid that your girlfriends have? Well, Dame, no need to covet, just purchase some hair from our new favorite company- Cashmere Hair extensions of Beverly Hills and let The Hair Dame show you the way.  Check out our video below….


    Step 1- Separate the very bottom of your hair beneath your nape and pin it up.

    Step 2- Insert the clip in piece with the 3 clips righ tbaove that section

    Step 3- Separate just a 1/2″ section of hair and add another 3 clip piece.

    Step 4- Separate another 1/2″ section , but placement of this piece is more of a wrap around the side of the head.

    Step 5- Add a 2 clip piece on the side where braid will be.

    step 4- Pull all your hair to 1 side and tie off with a rubber band

    step 5- Create fishtail braid.


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  • 9 Braid Looks You Will Want To Rock This Summer

    Beauty portrait

    Braid Styles – Braids are great for summer, day 2 or 3 of a blowout.  The messier the better for daytime.  To dress it up keep it more groomed. A  little texture will go a long way.  Once you secure the look you can always go back through and pull out pieces, rough up the braid with your fingers, or loosen it by slightly pulling the braid apart.

    1. Crown Braid- The easiest way to approach this braid is to create a middle part.  Make 2 ponytails with little clear rubber bands.  Braid each braid down to the end and secure with a clear rubber band. Remove the rubber band at the base and cross braid over to the other side, secure with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side.


    2.Fishtail Side Pony- Secure all your hair to one side with a clear rubber band. Divide the pony into 2 sections, take a thin piece off the end of a section and cross it over to the other section. Repeat from the other side.  Make sure to keep the sections divided into 2 and the pieces you grab from the end need to be thin, this is what really gives the scaly look of a fish tail. Continue on down to the end remove rubber band at the base.


    4. Side French Braid – Create a deep side part.  Take the top front and divide into 3 sections, have the hair face in the direction you want the braid.  Gather hair from the right side in a horizontal direction into the end section, cross that over  the middle section, which now becomes the middle section.  Do the same thing on the left and cross it over to now become the middle section. Continue this motion all the way down.  Secure with clear rubber band. hair-braids-pinterest

      5. Ponytail with bubble braid- Slick hair into a ponytail.  If you don’t have a thick ponytail, definitely use a ponytail hair piece.  Secure it in place. Take little clear rubber bands and tie them around the ponytail leaving 2 inches in between. Slighty pull each section to give it a bubble look.


    6. Side bang braid/fishtail hybrid- If you cant french braid you can cheat on this one- just braid your bangs back and secure with a bobby. Pull all your hair to one side secure with a clear rubber band. Fishtail (as we instructed above). You can make the braid extra texturized at the end by rubbing your fingers against the braid and slightly pulling it apart.


    7. French Braid- you don’t have to think about drill team when you were 7 for a french braid. Add some volume and texture and it is chic and stylish. Use Oribe’s texturizing spray and spray it all over your hair. Back comb the roots of your hair and spray a little working hairspray in it, Morocan Oil has a great one. Offset the start of your braid a couple inches back and create a french braid, loosely pulling in your horizontal sections into the braid.  Braid to the end and secure with a rubber band.  Spray some texturing spray on the braid and back comb it lightly to give the braid a bit of texture.


    8. Mohawk bang braid with ponytail-  You can do a french braid or an inverted braid on the top of your head. Section out a mohawk and pin that out of the way. Slick the rest of your hair up into a tight high ponytail. Use your Mason Pearson and grooming cream to get it really slick. Now you can braid your mohawk. Braid it down about 2 inches past the ponytail.  Secure it with a clear rubber band and wrap it around the ponytail to hide the rubber band from the pony and create a finished look. Secure with a bobby.


    9. Mohawk french braid – For this look, we are going to start by creating a mohawk of little ponytails. Using little clear rubber bands , bring up sections forms the sides and secure in the middle. Then, we are going to take some loose hair extension hair and loop it around the first little ponytail at the top and start the inverted braid moving down the mohawk. Bring all the little ponytails into the braid going all the way down. Spray some texturing spray on the braid and back comb it with a comb to give it texture. Keep the sides sleek.

    imgres 8.48.17 AM

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  • Keeping it cool and still looking hot!


    Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that you have to retire those hot styles. Here is a re-cap on our fave summer ‘dos that can carry you over into fall!

    THE BUN: A savvy bun always looks chic and can be worn in several ways. For the fashion forward, a clean bun toward the front of your head has been seen on the runways and on Gwen Stefani. A low chignon as seen below on Kourtney Kardashian is more of a classic go-to. You can wear either style clean and tight or let them get a little messy. I favor buns both ways depending on the look you’re going for.

    THE BRAID: The braid comes in handy for so many reasons! Dirty hair days, bad hair days, dress it up, dress it down, go to the beach or for hangin’ in the city. And most importantly – everyone can rock a braid! Deciding what type of braid is half the fun! To the side, down the middle, over the crown of your head… Check the below pics for some of my fave crossover styles.

    WAVES: The easiest way to bring out your inner surfer chick is to braid your clean wet hair before you go to bed. In the morning, you’ll wake up ready to hit the sand. A more styled version would be to let your hair air dry and with a 1 1/2″ curling iron, take sections of your hair and wrap it around the iron. After doing this all around your head shake it out. My favorite products for this look are hair serums (Morrocan Oil or Redken Glass) used to lock in moisture and give great shine. Always finish it with a salt spray – it really gives you that beachy look. My favorite is Bumble and Bumble’s Beach Spray.

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