• 5 Trendy Styles to Wear by the Water

    The beach life is the best life. If you don’t live on the beach, I bet you go to the beach on the weekends or hang by a lake, river or pool. Lets face it, any water does the trick in the summer. Here’s a few fun trendy summer hairstyles you can take from day to night with a fun twist.





    Let me know your favorite and I’ll make a how to video for you!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Colorful Summer Hair: Baby Braids and Ribbons

    Hi Dames, braids are a summer go to but how many times can you do a crown braid or a fishtail until your bored?  Step out of the box and do something different! Incorporate ribbons!  Baby braids, baby braids with ribbons and french braid your hairline with string.  Or do all 3 in one hairstyle! I was so inspired when I went to the craft store, I just bought all kinds of colors and started playing. You can tie ribbon around ponytails, buns, braids.  Have fun, get crazy, be inspired and remember who taught ya,  The Hair Dame !

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    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Friday Feature: Celebrity Hairstylist Josif Wittnik – Founder of the Redken Colleges


    It’s Feature Friday, Dames! We really dived in this week. We picked out a hairstylist from Wisconsin doing some cool things and we wanted to share him with you! Check out our interview below.

    THD: When was that first moment you decided you wanted to do hair?

    Josif: I never really wanted to do hair at all really, it was my sister that did hair and coached me to believe I had it in me! The artist side of me was very involved in drawing and painting and I had won several contest with my art so she said to me: “You should really try hair as your canvas.” I did. First three years were interesting but then I was recognized by a local salon owner that saw my talent and off to the next level I went [artistic director for salon team].

    THD: Who were your first mentors and who did you aspire to be like in your career?

    Josif: Xennon of London, I wanted to be him really bad, he was so gifted and so funny and his talent was always in the lead. He was a leader, creator, stylist, long hair genius. I followed him to shows and read everything about him I could.  Dream came true when I was sent off to Chicago where he worked and taught for a one week to work and learned under him.  It truly was surreal and a dream come true, that week changed me! From that point on I viewed my career way more exciting and had direction on where I was going to take it.

    THD: How long have you been doing hair now?

    Josef: Thirty-two years.

    THD: What is your philosophy or your approach to hair? 

    Josif: It’s very import that you learn the building blocks to create a look, very similar to an architect.  You really have to know how to design a shape on paper so you can see the finished result. Nowadays it’s very organic and unforced as opposed to the 80’s when styles were forced — by that I mean heavy bleaching, perming and curling.

    THD: Where do you get your inspiration from?

    Josif: I was one of thirty that were chosen through a series of auditions that traveled around the USA back in the 90’s. Similar to American Idol;  I would call it Hairmerican Idol. After many auditions, only thirty stylists were picked to be the first design team of its kind in the country for REDKEN.  It was two weeks of intense training to go out and show the country a whole new approach on how they could up their game and become true designers of haircutting.

    THD: When did you start working with Redken?

    Josif: Right from the start of my career I became a expert at their product knowledge. Three years later I became a Redken national platform artist.

    THD: Is there an element of beauty that you are very passionate about? How does it relate to your personal approach in your career?

    Josif: I’m very passionate about changing peoples lives: seeing someone sick or depressed and knowing that putting your hands on their shoulders, giving them an amazingly honest consultation, reassuring them through it all that they’re really going to love it and feel better, and seeing their face and hearing their words when they see themselves for the first time is kick-ass cool. All done by the gift of having been given hands.  We are the one of the last professions in the world that touches without gloves.

    THD: What are your future goals?

    Josif:  Well, so far I founded and have run Salon CTI and Day Spa for the last 17 years, The Salon Professional Academy for 11 years, the Joyriding Project nonprofit for 10 years, and Trimhunger nonprofit for 3 years.

    THD:  Future goals?

    Josif: … To keep on giving.


    THD: What is your advice to an up-and-comer?

    Josif: Be honest to your guest, treat them as if you were a doctor and they were coming to you in need, and always remember their hair is your patient and, if it’s sick, prescribe antibiotics. They come to you for that. And no chewing gum, never discuss politics, religion, or relationships, keep it real.

    THD: What about yourself would you like our readers to know about you?

    I have been married 34 years, and would not be here if it wasn’t for her [Josif’s wife].  She shares the industry with me and is a philanthropist as well. Two beautiful daughters who are so talented, and love everyone in my life, they’re all there for a reason.

    THD: What is the one piece of hair advice you universally give to every client?

    Josif: Don’t use age as an excuse, you can wear whatever flatters you facial features and body shape and lifestyle! Go by that. Best advice?  The phrase “Am I too old to wear that?” should not exist in your vocabulary.

    THD: Thank you so much, Josif! This was an insightful, awesome interview!


    Dames, check out Josif’s salon and non-profits:

    Webpage salon


    Webpage academy





    Follow his socials:

    IG: @hairmister  facebook @josifwittnik  @trimhunger @joyrising




    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Glimpse Into NYFW: Hair Trends Coming Our Way


    NYFW week was last month and it left us all feeling exhausted in NYC. I had to take the last couple of weeks to really dive into to each show and take it all in. I want to tell you about some trends that are sticking around for a while! There are three of them: natural texture, middle parts, and the wet look!  Works out for me, because these are my three go to’s!

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    This last look is my go to when I have 1-day or 2-day old hair and want to look chic. Check out my video on how to create a wet look here:

    The looks that come out on this runway every year don’t just affect the clothing we all purchase the next year but influence the looks of hair trends and hairstyles you will see everyone rockin’, which makes me excited because these are looks everyone can pull off!  My favorite looks are here to stay. Make sure to tune in next Sunday for my recap on what happened at all Fashion Weeks worldwide.


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • DIY: Wet Hair Style

    Kim-kardashian_wet look_15mar14_rex_b_592x888



    We have been seeing the wet look all over the red carpets this last year. So Amalia, aka, The Hair Dame brought the process to you front and center. How to create the wet look by yourself is totally achievable as she shows you the step by step process. Amalia Moscoso shows you, in this Do It Yourself video, what products you will need, what tools you will need, and how to create the over all look.

    products used:
    Schwartzkoff Bonacure Hair oil
    Redken Smooth Lock Hair Glide
    Kevin Murphy Young. Again
    Redken Super Strong Sculpting Gel
    Kevin Murphy shimmer shine mist
    Tools Used:
    T3 Blow dryer
    T3 Flat iron
    rat tail comb
    Mason pearson brush
    duckbill clips

    Check us out at www.thehairdame.com
    IG: @thehairdame
    pinterest: @thehairdame

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  • Fall Trends with Intentional Style

    fall hair trends

    Hey Dames, it has now entered fall season and guess what that means?!  Its time to bust out the leather jackets and coiffed sleek hair!  Throw out those beach sprays and humidifiers and bust out the blow dryers and flat irons.  The look for the season is sleek, long, and fierce. Here’s a few of our favorite looks from the runways that will keep us on point in the streets.  Long straight low ponytails, deep side parts, long hair soft waves, and french twists. Welcome fall styles!


    fall hair trends

    fall hair trends

    fall hair trends

    fall hair trends

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  • Traveling With Hair Extensions? You MUST Get This Game Changer

    hair extensions storage, kim kardashian hair extensions,

    Lets keep it real Dames, our hair is our most important accessory. Obvi thats why most of us have a secret stash of hair extensions in our lingerie drawer or stuffed in the back of our closet so our men dont know our secret. Well, their is a fantastic solution for this little problem. When traveling with your hair this summer you MUST get yourself a HairClutch. It is the perfect solution for travel, storage, and it even triples as your styling assistant!  Check it out on hairclutch.com

    Here’s a cool video on how to use the product.

    Hair in video is provided by Cashmere Hair Extensions of Beverly Hills.

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  • Blunt Haircut + Clip In Hair Extensions = No problem

    clip in hair extensions

    Hey there Dames, did you follow the blunt haircut trend and now your hair extensions are sitting in a drawer and you’re afraid they don’t blend in anymore?  Never fear, The Hair Dame is here!! Here is a cool step by step video on how to apply your clip ins without getting that weird short hair around your neckline. We used our favorite clips ins by Cashmere Hair extensions of Beverly Hills in the video.


    Step 1- Section the bottom hair below your nape and pin up in a little knot with a bobby pin, clip in the piece with 3 clips right above this

    Step 2- With a rat tail comb, section out about an inch above that, the next section of hair.  Clip in the piece with 4 clips right above that.

    Step 3- Repeat step 2.

    Step 4- On the side, create a diagonal section, so the hair piece lays toward your face. Clip in the piece with 2 clips.

    Step 5- Section 1 inch above that, bring that hair down, following the diagonal section below. Clip in the piece with 2 clips. Bring your top hair down over it.

    Step 6- Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the other side.


    Make Sure to get your HairClutch to store your precious hair pieces here.

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  • The Winner of The Hair Dame Award at the 70th Annual Golden Globes is….


    The 70th Annual Golden Globes definitely did not disappoint this year.  From the winners to all the red carpet looks we were enamored with this award show and everyone there. The red carpet was star studded with glitz, glamour, and diamond worthy hair. Through all the sparkle we managed to find our stand out THD award winners.

    Jennifer Lawrence was a big winner at the Globes and she is also a winner at THD. Mark Townsend did an amazing job on her hair. Her overall look is DAME worthy-Bravo!

    JLO did it again! The next THD award goes to Jennifer Lopez. It is undeniable that she looks stunning. This flawless Jennifer is a winner in our book. Hair by Lorenzo Martin.

    Eva Longoria looked absolutely fabulous. She must have checked out THD rules because her hair fits in to rule #2. She is a DAME no doubt about that. Hair by Ken Paves

    Jessica Alba really went all out. When you get past the diamonds on her neck not a focal point is disappointing. She is a DAME from head to toe. She wears the side swept waves well. Work it girl! Hair By Robert Ramos

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  • How To: Have a Knot Day Like Gwen Stefani!


    Gwen Stefani has been rocking this super high knotted bun all around lately –  and we love it! What a chic way to keep it simple and sexy on a hot day… or hot date? Her hairstylist of forever – the famous Danillo, showcased her go-to style for the latest issue of Harpers Bazaar. We’ve been inspired by Gwen’s never-tragic-looks since 2005’s ‘Tragic Kingdom’ and we’re not going to stop now! To keep up with this trendsetter’s latest look, follow our easy step-by-steps below:

    Step 1) Secure your hair in a super high ponytail at the top of your head. The higher the better!

    Step 2) Bring your hair through the loop of your rubber band, ringing the pony through as if you were tying a knot.

    Step 3) Use bobby pins to put your hair in place and create your own undone look.

    It’s literally as easy as 1,2,3…. Have fun with it, the messier the better!



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