• Three 5 Minute Hairstyles that Take You From Work To Glam Night Out

    Hi Dames! Its summa summer time and we all want to be ready to go out right after work.  Especially in NYC or your cities. Here’s a few tips and styles that will take you to the rooftop lounge looking like a showstopper!

    1. Have your HairClutch in your desk ready to go with hair extensions prepped and ready for the clock out.
    2. Have a beach spray or texture spray and dry shampoo on hand. I favor the travel size sprays for this reason.
    3. Have your THD Hair Tie ready to wrap around your bun or pony to floss it up and a boar bristle brush.

    Here’s some examples of regular work looks turned glam in literally 5 min.

    Left is a quick top knot you would wear to work,  right is a 5 minute spruce up for glam look. Use some clip on bangs and a hair tie to glam it up!

    To the left is a quick regular braid you would show up to work in. To the right is a glam fishtail with the few extensions already prepped in your HairClutch -you pop them in 2 seconds later to make your braid a little more glammy.

    Left is a regular pony for work. To the right is a glam pony created with hair extensions. Remember, you can already have your hair prepped with waves in your HairClutch. before work. Wrap a Hair Tie around your pony and bam, glam.


    Your friends won’t know how your pulled it off so quickly but I won’t tell! Let me know how you do Dames! Tag me on ig in your after work happy hour glam looks! @thehairdame


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • HairClutch: How to Care For Your Hair Extensions


    Hi, Dames! How many of you have your hair extensions bundled up in stuffed in a bag somewhere?

    Are they brushed nicely and laid in a drawer ?  Then, after time of friction and moving around and having other things thrown on top, they get tangled up in a mess?

    How about discovering that they hang well on a skirt hanger and in your closet, but when your clothes come in and out with static and dust, they are now a hanging tangled mess?

    Did you get sucked into buying that mini garment bag for hair but now you want to take them to dry bar and that bag doesn’t fit anywhere!  So you have to carry it and everyone can see your little beauty secrets all up in their face!

    Have you ever had a friend hold your hair while you curl them? Or you’ve tried to hold one end with your knee or your mouth while trying to flat iron them?

    We know all of these behind-closed-doors issues because it’s happened to us! Yes, as a hairstylist I had hair all over my professional kit. Even if I had it in a zip lock bag labeled and organized. It would seem weird that me or my client paid hundreds upwards of thousands on hair pieces and it ends up in a plastic bag? My bestie and business partner Debbie, the ultimate beauty products consumer could not find a place that suited all her needs either for hair. Even in a box that said Hermes on it!  That did not cure the tangles, travel ear and tear, or the dust from her hair.  Nothing did.  Until now!

    Together we invented the best thing ever for your hair extensions: HairClutch


    HairClutch is a 3-in-1 solution for hair extensions. That’s right, you can store your hair while hanging it in the closet.  It has a protective cover that will keep the hair protected from static and dust. You can curl, straighten or style the hair while it hangs in the bag. Then you can fold it up and snap it closed as it resembles a clutch purse. NO ONE has to know your beauty secrets! HairClutch is at your service to take care of your precious hair so it can stay in good shape and have a longer life.

    HairClutch makes your life more convenient – you can style your hair in it the night before then roll it up and put it in your purse for after the gym, or after work.  You can go from daytime blah to nighttime bling in your office because HairClutch has your little beauty secrets all prepped and ready for stepping into your hotness! We are not just selling something that looks cool, but it’s ridiculously functional for all these little issues you didn’t even think about until you had to go buy new hair because yours is curled up in a ball in some drawer that you couldn’t begin to imagine where.  Does this sound like you? Do your hair a favor and get HairClutch.


    So, Dames, let us know if you have any questions or want to find out more.

    You can purchase your HairClutch at www.hairclutch.com. Use promo code THD4HC.



    The Dames

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  • Best Gifts for the Hair-Obsessed Dame

    Happy Holidays! Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa… anything else I’m forgetting? ‘Tis the season of giving! Since hair is a woman’s most important accessory, we wanted to share with you some of the best gifts you can get your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, aunts, etc.

    1. Hair Jewelry

    hair jewelry _100160617 282155_975_1 282196_975_1 _100018468

    2. Secret Extensions – So easy to wear. So inexpensive that you can buy multiple pieces for major glam, hair color pops, and just a little boost to feel your best all around!

    secret extenions images-1

    3. Hairclutch – The hair organizer of your dreams! Storage, travel, and a hair styling assistant — HairClutch does it all. You will love it, and giving this is a gift will definitely be telling someone you love them!

    hair extension storage and travel for the kardashians

    4. The Beachwaver – Creator Sarah Potempa knocked this baby out of the park. It’s an awesome way to create natural beach waves without contortioning being a required skill (like with your regular iron). The barrel spins on its own with the push of a button.


    5. Loreal Elnett hairspray – The best hairspary in the biz — industry’s insiders top pick. Why? It doesn’t flake and it gives hair some natural shine. Epic!


    6. Boar bristle brush – A Mason Pearson is the necessity for every Dame. It makes your hair shiny, it smoothes out bumps in hairstyles and it’s the best way to create a sleek look.


    Any or all of these amazing tools will ensure the hairstyle of a hair-obsessed Dame’s dream!

    We’ll be showing you how to create tons of styles with this tool box in the future, so stay posted to our blog posts to find the next style of your dreams!


    Make sure to share this post with your besties and follow us on all our socials, @thehairdame.



    The Dames

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  • THE HAIR SOLUTION we have all been waiting for.. HAIRCLUTCH!!

    hair extension storage

    Hair extensions make up a multi-billion dollar business and compliment any look as we hair fanatics know.  We who wear extensions, sell extensions or carry them around as professionals for styling on set have all had one problem in common- NO STORAGE for our hair!  This problem has caused us to damage the hair, shorten its life span and difficulty for styling the hair pieces.  GOOD NEWS! We are here to report we found a solution- its called HairClutch! HairClutch is an awesome bag that folds up to look like a woman’s clutch purse.  It folds out for hanging in the closet for hair storage and holds the hair into place which allows you to style the hair while its hanging in the bag.  HairClutch is chic, fashionable, efficient and well designed to suit your hair extension needs for hair storage, travel and styling.

    HairClutch is now available for pre-order.  We suggest you get your hands on your HairClutch while you can.  Two of their styles are already sold out! Get em while you can ladies. We love this product.

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