• Best Go-To Hairstyles For Dames With Long Term Extensions

    Dames love their hair extensions. The most joyous conversation of my life!  I love them, what can I say? I love how they make a woman instantly feel like she has magical unicorn powers the minute new hair is put in. Well, at least like she feels confident to walk into a meeting, date or have a drink with friends and be the showstopper. The thing is, when you have professional hair extensions put in you can’t wear every single hair style, you have to be slightly modest with how much you pull up your hair because you don’t want your hair extensions to show.  (That’s too Britney and Paris circa 2002, and I won’t let you go down like that.) So, here’s a few hairstyle ideas to keep you looking like nobody knows your secret! The key is to keep your hair low, nothing high. If you do want to go high just make sure you tease your hairline all the way around. The tease will create a barrier between the outside and your extensions, then just smooth it over with your Mason Pearson brush.








    Happy hairstyles Dames!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Do My Hair Extensions Need a Bath?


    Dear Dames,

    The answer is yes! All hair extensions need a bath! I would say your hair should be washed every three times you wear it, especially if you spray product on it. Make sure to brush it first. Wash it with sulfate-free shampoo and let it hang to dry.

    Your Secret Extensions don’t really need too much product, but they do need a bath from time to time. With these pieces you can actually use Woolite. Because they are synthetic, they don’t need a sulfate-free formula, in fact a gentle detergent like Woolite works perfectly.  Another option is baby shampoo. Wash with lukewarm/almost cold water and hang to dry.

    You know you need to wash your hair extensions when:
    a) They are tangled and wont hold a curl
    b) They feel like they have a layer of something on them – it’s product! Wash them!
    c) The color’s not as bright as it’s supposed to be.

    There you have it!

    Keep those hair pieces clean and vibrant. Make sure to get your Hairclutch as this product actually extends the life of your hair – keeping it clean and safely stored. Perfect for travel, storage and styling!

    hair extensions storage, kim kardashian hair extensions,

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  • How to Curl Your Secret Extensions


    Hi, Dames! Have some of you ordered your Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame and are now having trouble curling them? Well, let me help you! It requires a little trick. Make sure your iron is not above 320 degrees. When you curl it, you don’t need to hold it for too long, just long enough for the hair to catch the heat, then… this is the trick: let the curl cool in your hand before dropping it. You can also pin it in place, but be careful of leaving the set curl for too long, it can become a very tight curl.  The curl will last longer than human hair, if you let if fully cool first. Here’s a video to show you how I did it. Holding it in your hand to cool ensures a light wave – setting it will make it tighter.


    Let me know if you have any questions below!


    The Hair Dame


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  • HairClutch: How to Care For Your Hair Extensions


    Hi, Dames! How many of you have your hair extensions bundled up in stuffed in a bag somewhere?

    Are they brushed nicely and laid in a drawer ?  Then, after time of friction and moving around and having other things thrown on top, they get tangled up in a mess?

    How about discovering that they hang well on a skirt hanger and in your closet, but when your clothes come in and out with static and dust, they are now a hanging tangled mess?

    Did you get sucked into buying that mini garment bag for hair but now you want to take them to dry bar and that bag doesn’t fit anywhere!  So you have to carry it and everyone can see your little beauty secrets all up in their face!

    Have you ever had a friend hold your hair while you curl them? Or you’ve tried to hold one end with your knee or your mouth while trying to flat iron them?

    We know all of these behind-closed-doors issues because it’s happened to us! Yes, as a hairstylist I had hair all over my professional kit. Even if I had it in a zip lock bag labeled and organized. It would seem weird that me or my client paid hundreds upwards of thousands on hair pieces and it ends up in a plastic bag? My bestie and business partner Debbie, the ultimate beauty products consumer could not find a place that suited all her needs either for hair. Even in a box that said Hermes on it!  That did not cure the tangles, travel ear and tear, or the dust from her hair.  Nothing did.  Until now!

    Together we invented the best thing ever for your hair extensions: HairClutch


    HairClutch is a 3-in-1 solution for hair extensions. That’s right, you can store your hair while hanging it in the closet.  It has a protective cover that will keep the hair protected from static and dust. You can curl, straighten or style the hair while it hangs in the bag. Then you can fold it up and snap it closed as it resembles a clutch purse. NO ONE has to know your beauty secrets! HairClutch is at your service to take care of your precious hair so it can stay in good shape and have a longer life.

    HairClutch makes your life more convenient – you can style your hair in it the night before then roll it up and put it in your purse for after the gym, or after work.  You can go from daytime blah to nighttime bling in your office because HairClutch has your little beauty secrets all prepped and ready for stepping into your hotness! We are not just selling something that looks cool, but it’s ridiculously functional for all these little issues you didn’t even think about until you had to go buy new hair because yours is curled up in a ball in some drawer that you couldn’t begin to imagine where.  Does this sound like you? Do your hair a favor and get HairClutch.


    So, Dames, let us know if you have any questions or want to find out more.

    You can purchase your HairClutch at www.hairclutch.com. Use promo code THD4HC.



    The Dames

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  • Merry & Bright: Amp Up Your Look with Some Sparkle

    Hi, Dames! Ten days left till Christmas! What does that mean to each one of you? Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it’s basically ten more days of holiday parties, so don’t get caught off guard!

    You want to look your best at every holiday cheer event… here’s some holiday hairstyles that are perfect go-to’s for a little holiday sparkle. They’re super quick  hairstyles that you can pull off in a quick jam. The trick to the ease and quickness are two things- 1) Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame and 2) a pretty piece of hair jewelry. We find the best pieces at Henri Bendel’s, Nordstrom, or Net-a-porter. Below is an example of some awesome , but quick and easy go to’s.

    jma0158_16 updo-with-accessories2 00-large_ hd_blog_post-369974 screen-shot-2015-12-11-at-18-40-54 


    Check out our Youtube channel – The Hair Dame TV for all your DIY step by step videos to create your desired holiday looks.

    Tag us on your selfies on IG @thehairdame, we always repost our faves.


    The Dames

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  • Going Away for the Holidays? Here’s How to Keep Your Hair On Point Like a DAME


    Hey there, Dames! Is everyone ready for a bounce to the ounce out of town for the holidays? Us too, but let’s not get crazy and throw out all of our hair routines. Let’s remember a few key components:

    1. Stay Fly Like a DAME

    You’re on vacation, who cares what you look like, right? WRONG! Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, or you’re locked and under control, looking good above all things is feeling good. We are not here to tell you to find a dry bar in the middle of Mexico, but here’s a couple of tips to make a quick and easy “Stay Fly Like a DAME” routine while you’re on vacation.

    *Always have as set of hair extensions with you. Our favorite go-to’s are Secret Extensions. Why? They’re super affordable and you can buy several colors –whether you want to match your color, add a lowlight, a hightlight, extra length and/or volume. With a set of Secret Extensions when on vacation, you can make a slicked back volumized ponytail, a high bun, or a dramatic braid, etc.

    high ponytail with extensions

    * Have a gel, a grooming cream, and an oil finisher in hand for an awesome hair product cocktail that makes the perfect “wet look”. Just mix them all in your hand at once, and I mean A LOT, in your hand and apply it to your roots all the way to your ends. Then scrunch with a towel to allow your natural wave to come through. Create a desired part and slick down the sides. BOOM! Kim Kardashian! Whaaaaaat!? Everyone will be asking you how you did it or they’ll just stare like “bam, she looks bomb!”.

    kim kardashian wetlook

    photo cred: Film magic

    For THD How To Create a Wet look click Here:



    2. Stay Organized

    Your on vacay, your hair extensions are all over your room, some hot guys walk in and think you killed a rat! First of all, no man needs to know a woman’s secret… like ever. Second like ever. So… do yourself a favor and get a HairClutch. It stores your hair extensions for travel, you can take it straight out of your suitcase and hang it in the closet, and you can style your hair while its hanging. It’s a no-brainer.

    hair extension storage and travel for the kardashians

    3. Stay Ready So You Don’t Have to Get Ready

    You’ve been so organized while planning your trip: you organized outifts, you dialed down your shoe options, you even got your hair extensions and Hairclutch all packed and ready to go. You get to your destination and the worst case scenario is now your reality: the airline’s lost your luggage! So, how does a DAME stay ready?

    * Take a small carry-on, like an oversized tote with an outift, your HairClutch with hair extensions, and travel size toiletries. Trust us. It’s the only savior in those panic situations. You’ll never travel any other way after this happens to you.

    For more infor on hair extensions, CLICK LINK belwo:


    We hope you have a fabulous vacation! Don’t forget the 3 rules when packing!!



    The Dames

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  • Raise Your Hand If Your Going To Coachella?!!

    Everyone is asking the wrong question.. are you going to Coachella? Umm, who isn’t going? The real question is, how are you wearing your hair to Coachella? There’s a few things you need to take your hair vibe to the next level…

    1. Hair Chalk

    hair chalk for coachella


    coachella hair

    hair-chalk coachella


    2. Glitter Gel 




    glitter hair

    3. Clip In Hair Extensions– Use clip in pieces for messy braids and dreadlock additions

    coachella hair

    coachella hair styles

    coachella hair

    4. Feathers-

    hair feathers feathers-hair-coachella hair



    5. Braids-



    selena gomez- hippie-hair-braids


    Stay Safe at Coachella and make sure to tag us on Instagram @thehairdame with your #Coachellahair for a feature!!



    The Dames

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  • Best Shampoos To Use for Hair Extensions (why this matters)

    how to wash hair extensions

    Hair extensions can be a tricky thing to care for.  The right shampoo is so important. For permanent hair extensions they all have a bond element, whether its tape, individual glue ins, and even the kind that are attached with beads have a bonded tip. These hair extensions can not be washed with shampoos that have sulfates or synthetic oils in the formula as it breaks down the bonds and will have your extensions falling out.  The most important thing to note, is when first having your hair extensions installed, its crucial to wait 72 hrs before washing your hair. This allows the bond to properly seal so water doesn’t get in between the bond and break it apart. Here’s some of our favorite shampoos. For clip in Hair extensions, it is important you use sulfate free shampoo. Harsh cleansers will strip the outer coating of the hair and make it dull and split endy. Below are some of our favorite shampoos for hair extensions.

    Bain de Terre-

    shampoo for hair extensions, sulfate free








    Organix Renewing Argan Oil Shampoo-

    sulfate free shampoo for hair extensions

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  • The Dames Guide To Caring For Hair Extensions

    hair extensions

    Hair extensions are an investment, no doubt about it. So its important to care of your investment by properly caring for your extensions. The length of life to your hair extensions is dependent on how well you take care of them. Below is a few recommendations on how to get keep your hair in healthy condition for as long as possible

    1) Wash your hair! If you are a clip-in and go girl, then you don’t need to wash after every wear. However, if you are a Dame that sprays hair products and uses shine serums, we recommend washing after every 2 styles. Having hair product sit and marinate in the hair will dry it out dull the color over time. Use a sulfate free gentle shampoo. Baby shampoo is great or a mild daily shampoo with a moisture component. Most hair extension companies also provide shampoos to care for your purchase. Make the extra investment. Its definitely worth it.  Here are a few of our favorites…

    hair extension shampoo

    hair extensions shampoo

    hair extension shampoo



    2) Air Dry– The same way too much heat and hot tools create dried split ends on our own hair , it does on the extensions as well.  Think ahead and wash your hair pieces with enough time to let them hang to air dry. You can use a hanger and hang them in the shower or drape them over the back of a chair. They just need enough air to pass through and dry them thoroughly. You want to make sure they are 100% dry before storing them. If they are even a little bit wet they will mildew, and we dont want that!!

    3) Store them safely- properly storing your hair extensions is a huge part in managing the life of your hair. Always brush them out and it is ideal to have them hanging from a top to bottom direction in the closet. Or safely in something that protects the hair from getting tangled or ratted out. Our favorite storage and travel solution is HairClutch. Not only is it great for storing in your closet or safely wrapping up for travel, but you can style the hair while its hanging in the clutch before you put it in your hair.

    hair extensions storage, kim kardashian hair extensions,

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  • Top 5 Favorite Hair Extensions: Get Your Dream Hair NOW!

    how to wash hair extensions

    Long hair , long ponytails, thick chignons and french twists. This makes our hair dreams come true . We want to share with you our favorite hair extension lines. We scoured the market for our favorites within different price points and our favorite products from those brands are…

    1. Secret Hair Extensions by Daisy Fuentes– These hair pieces are inexpensive and really fun to go out in. You can buy a few pieces to make them thicker and every time you change your hair color, you can buy a new hair piece. They are great for a fun night out.


    2. Cashmere Hair Extensions of Beverly Hills–  As seen on Shark Tank, these girls have really taken the hair extension world by storm. Cashmere hair extensions offers high quality hair at a reasonable price, competitive in their market, but quality exceeds their competition. Right now they are have a Vantines Day special, so get your hair pieces asap!


    3. Hairpieces from the Hair Shop- This hair extension store has a mid level quality of hair, mostly Asain hair. However, their selection of hair pieces is incomparable. From bangs to falls and ponytails their are several options to achieve the look you want.


    4. Orchid Hair Extensions- Do you want the same hair that the stars in movies wear? Then this is the store for you. The creators of Orchid hair are department heads of hair in box office films and the hair is the best you can get. Manufactured in Bali, the quality of these hair pieces is the best of the best. The caviar of hair. It is definately an investment, but worth every dime.


    5. Hair Lingerie Tape Extensions– (a pro needed) looking for something a little more permanent? We’ve got you covered! Chrissy Tiegen, Kylie, and Khloe all have something in common, besides being gorgeous of course- they all wear Hair Lingerie. Superior quality tape in extensions. Check out the website for a salon near you to find the pro that can give you the hair of your dreams.


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