• 5 Celebrities You Will Be Shocked To Learn Wear Hair Extensions..

    5 Celebrities You Will Be Shocked To Learn Wear Hair Extensions..

    Dames, the cat is out of the bag.  We know, that you know, most celebs all wear hair extensions BUT some are so good you would have no idea its not all their real hair.   Here are a few you may be surprised to hear us say -YES those are extensions!  Question, have you ever wondered why they are using extra hair pieces?  Wonder no more.  Come along with us to find out the answers...

    celebrity hair extensions

    1. Jennifer Lawrence is wearing hair extensions here!? Yes, girrrl!  If you have fine hair and you want a short cut , hair extensions are everything to accent the style. They can really pull out the shape if its an A-line or fill in the sides for thickness in the front. 

    erika jayne hair extensions

    2. Erika Jayne- we all know she wears hair pieces but how is this look hair extensions? Do you see the volume on this bun? No one has a natural bun that size, that is all hair pieces baby. 
    jessica alba hair extensions
    3. Jessica Alba- yep, even a mid length crop can use a little bit of extra hair help for thickness to make your wavy style not only pop but keep that wave hold. 
    reese witherspoon hair extensions
    4. Reese Witherspoon- ok, you might think this is for length..but nope. Sometimes celebs want a blonder look but without more damage to your hair.  Hair extensions are the solution. If you look close you can see the underneath hair is darker. Lighter pieces placed at top to mimic highlights.
    JLo hair extension storage
    5. JLO- Ponytails are so in right now, and none of them look red carpet banging without a little hair extension help.
    Moral of the story Dames? Don't be afraid to use hair extensions to your advantage, and don't be afraid you will look too done up or over the top. These celebs above have shown us that hair extensions are just an accessory to make your hairstyle look better! 
    P.S. You better believe that these women take really good care of their pieces, we know because we are friends with their stylists. The #1 go to for their hair travel, storage, and styling help is HairClutch
    Check out what celebrity hairstylist Roger Medina has to say:

    To get your's use code DAME10 at checkout for a sweet discount. 


    Dame Amalia 

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  • The Hair Dame Answers: What Are the Best Looks with Clip-on Bangs?

    Hi dames! Summer is here and sometimes its easy to get in a hairstyle rut in the summer. long beach waves is the go to, or buns and ponytails. Well, here’s a way to mix up the buns and ponytails in a cute way with no commitment. Clip on Bangs! Secret Bangs is such a great way to mix it up. I got together with Alex Rodriguez to show you some fun styles that you can achieve with them. Check out the video  and styles below.

    ( Music:  “With you Tonight” by Katie Welch )



    Secret Bangs allow you to create lots of different looks without the commitment or stress of grow out. As you can see in the video, it takes just a few seconds to get a whole new look. You can get yours here. Make sure to then grab yourself a HairClutch to keep your hair secrets safe. Shout out and thank you to @missalexrodriguez and @iamthekatie for playing with me!!


    Amalia Moscos

    The Hair Dame


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  • 7 Reasons You Want Secret Extensions + 7 Easy Styles To Do Yourself


    Hi Dames! Hair extensions are all the rage, but not many provide the ability for as much versatility as others. Secret Extensions gives you maximum looks to work with from color and length to assistance upgrading your hairstyles with more flavor. Take a stroll with us down the hair dream path with our friend Jamie Hauptmann as we break down exactly what you can do with your color and hairstyles.


    Reason #1 Hair life is just a little boring without extra hair pieces. Here’s Jamie, before Secret Extensions entered.


    Reason #2 Add length and volume with your natural color. 16″ of length and double the volume has made Jamie’s hair wow worthy. This is her natural color


    Reason #3 You can alter your hair color even slightly by adding a darker hair piece. Jamie used a much darker hair piece with ombre ends.


    Reason #4 You can layer different colors using multiple pieces to create multi dimensional blondes in your hair.


    Reason #5 Create long fun braids adding dimensional color to them!


    Reason #6 Give yourself extra length and volume when going half up for a top knot!


    Reason #7 Say goodbye to limp ponytails. This hair can give you THE perfect pony.

    If these pictures weren’t enough inspiration for you, check out this video I created with Jamie and Kevin Maher. This Dame definitely knows how to drop it like its hot with her Secret Extensions!


    You can get your Secret Extensions here and make sure to pair it with your HairClutch.

    Big thanks to Jamie Hauptmann @jamiehauptmann  Kevin Maher @kmaher56

    Shout out and thank you to Candice for the music: @ticandace “Duttyboy”



    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • 3 Easy Hairstyles that Can Be Worn Anywhere

    The Hair Dame

    Hairstyles are always hard to come up with in the moment needed, Dames. I also tend to search for something cute every time I’m trying to get ready for the day. However, having a few in your arsenal is great so you don’t have to get ready — you stay ready!  It’s why I can literally be done getting ready to go out (shower, makeup and all) in 15 minutes. Why? Let’s be honest, our hair takes the longest. I’ve mastered the shortcut and sharing with you. Here’s a few of my go-to’s and how to do them yourselves!


    Middle part French braids with a high bun. I love this hairstyle for dirty hair days. It’s great with a Canadian suit (all denim) or a cocktail dress.


    Step 1: Part your hair in the middle and french braid both sides of the part stopping just behind your hear and tie it off with a small rubber band.

    Step 2: Using a bristle brush, brush your hair up to a high ponytail meeting the two braids. Using a bristle brush will ensure a smooth upstyle and this is what makes this style look great for dressed up occasions.

    Step 3: Back comb the ponytail a bit and wrap it around the rubber band to create a bun.

    Step 4: You can create a little texture in the braid by pulling it apart a bit to loosen it. Comb out some hair around your hairline for softness.


    Side braid with extra volume ponytail made with hair extensions.


    Step 1: Separate the top section of your hair and pin it aside. French-braid the side of your hair reaching back past your ear and gather the rest of your hair to meet in a ponytail.

    Step 2: Separate an inch of hair out of the top section and back-comb it. This will be used as a base. Take your Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame and fold the piece into thirds. Bobby pin this hair piece into the base you created.

    Step 3: Drop the rest of the top over the pinned hair piece and connect it with the ponytail with a small black rubber band. Wrap a pice of your hair around the ponytail. The extensions have given your ponytail a new life!


    Half up volume hair style with Secret Extensions

    This hairstyle is kind of a no-brainer and super simple. I put in my hair extensions, tease the underneath section of my crown. Then, I clip in my Secret Volume hair piece and tease those. I drop the hair and gather it in middle back. At weddings, I tend to be the last to get ready because I’m always doing the hair and makeup, and this always works for me.

    Well, Dames, I hope you like my three go-to’s. Let me know how you do with them and if you have any questions leave them below or ask on IG @thehairdame.


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Get Bigger Buns! How To Volumize Your Bun


    I have to share another secret with my Dames!  Ever wonder how or why celebs on the red carpet have such big glamorous buns? Well, they have a secret weapon. Their hairstylist uses hair pieces to make them bigger and more voluminous.  (Of course!)

    Now, you can too! I love this product called Secret Volume by The Hair Dame. It’s very versatile and allows you to do many things we women struggle with, like covering up thinning spots, hiding grown out roots and making updos more dramatic.  It can also make your bun a little bigger than normal. See how and try it yourself by following the steps below!



    1. Bring your hair to the ponytail of choice, side or top.
    2. There are 3 clips on the secret volume piece, wrap the piece around the ponytail clipping it into place.
    3. Tease the Secret Volume piece all the way around and wrap your ponytail around the teased hair. Pin hair into place with bobby pins where needed.

    Let me know how it goes! Tag me in any of your pics and I will repost you.


    Amalia Moscoso
    The hair Dame

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  • Red Carpet Report + DIY: Recreate the Best Kids’ Choice Awards Hairstyles


    Dames!  Ponytails were all the rage at the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards this year. I absolutely love this look myself.  If you haven’t seen our ponytail video when we teamed up with Erika from Blondes Who Eat, here it is below-

    You will need your Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame and follow along with us in the video. Here’s a couple of my favorite pony looks from the awards. You can be as polished as Gwen or as textured and messy as Brec Bassinger. As always have fun with it!

    gwen stefani

    brec bassinger

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  • DIY: The Hair Dame Recreates Her Favorite Hairstyle From Fashion Week

    The Hair Dame

    Hi, Dames! New York Fashion Week last month was a whirlwind. The Shows were so fun. Everyone took a bit of street look with touches from the 80’s and 90’s as inspiration. Most of the hairstyles consisted of natural texture and a middle part. My favorite hairstyle came with a little bit of a twist. Hairstylist Odile Gilbert created a half-up hairstyle weaving hair together to create a twist in the hair, literally.


    I loved this look so much I wanted to show you how to recreate this look yourself. It doesn’t have to be exact, you can add your own rendition! This is how I did it. Check out below.

    best hair from fashion week

    To get the look:

    1. Put on your Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame.

    2. Curl your hair with a 1″ barrel. Keep the heat under 320 degrees, let the curl cool in your hand before letting go.

    3. Create a deep side part and twist the hair around your head, and the other side to meet on the opposite of your part.

    4. Tie off with a rubber band leaving a little loop out. Wrap hair around the rubber band and pin into place.

    5. Spray a tittle wax or texture spray in hair to create piecey look.

    the hair dame

    Hope you all love this style as much as me!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • HairClutch: Go From Gym To Work In Under a Minute

    nikki howard

    Hi, Dames! I introduced you to Nikki Howard at the beginning of the month. She’s a model, actress, and all-around amazing Dame! In the video below she shows us how she goes from the gym to an audition-ready look in under a minute.


    She uses Secret Extensions and HairClutch. Use promo code THD4HC for a discount at checkout on your own HairClutch!



    Amalia Moscoso,

    The Hair Dame

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  • Mermaid Hair – Wet, Long and Beautiful


    Hi, Dames! It’s still winter, but who doesn’t like to dip out of the cold and into the Caribbean or head to Mexico for a little sunshine and R&R?  If you do find yourself there or just want to act like you’re there, there’s one look you need right now: the wet, “Kim K in Miami” look. It’s wavy, curly and stays looking wet. There’s a few tricks to it and different levels of wet. This is my personal go to when I’m on vacay, and that’s way before Kim K was doing it!  Below is a light version of it, but not as dramatic. However, this wont frizz up on you, wont look greasy, and will stay wet looking all night. Its a great look for a wedding near the beach, a daytime pool party, a dinner on vacay or, if you live in Florida, any day!



    In this style I used my Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame to achieve the length and color on my ends. I prepped the wave in my extensions in my HairClutch. I then followed the steps below.

    Get the look:

    1. You can start with clean hair or not so clean hair. It’s actually better if you have a day of dirty hair so your roots are already a little wet-looking.

    2. Wave your hair with beach waves and use texturizer to make it beachy and piecey. Take a little mix of coconut oil and grooming cream and work it into your hair starting at the roots and move into the ends.

    3. If you do not have coconut oil handy, you can use a little gel and dry oil. Mix the gel and styling or grooming cream and spray with dry oil at the end.

    Heres some of my favorite products:


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  • “Cool Girl” Hair: Meet the Trend That’s Here to Slay


    I’ve noticed that a lot of people are still loving half up styles with a top knot. I can’t lie – I’m loving it too. It’s an easy mix up of a regular half style. However, I’ve noticed that some Dames have all this beautiful thick hair with extensions and then their top knots are… a little weak. I am currently obsessed with this new Volumizer hair piece. It makes buns bigger, knots bigger, updo’s fuller, and it can even be clipped on to cover over grown roots if you haven’t made it into the salon yet. In the pics below, I’ll show you how to make your top knot bigger with it!

    khloe-kardashian-top knot

    ** Note: I prepped my Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame first and put them on before hand.

    Step 1: Using your bristle brush, smoooth out any kinks and bumps in your hair and pull up to the top in a tight rubber band. When pulling your hair through the rubber band, don’t pull it all the way through, leaving a little loop (the long hair left out will be used later)

    Step 2: Take the Secret Volume piece and clip it in around the loop. There are three clips on the piece, so clip them one by one as you wrap around the loop.

    Step 3: Tease the volumizer all the way around.

    Step 4: Take the long piece of hair that was left out from the loop and wrap it around the teased hair and pin into place. Voila! Bigger buns!

    Step 5: Tease underneath the top layer of your hair to give a little volume to the hair that’s left down.


    So… there you go Dames. The top knot is here to stay so you might as well make it slay!


    Amalia Moscoso, The Hair Dame

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