• Clyde Haygood Has An Announcement!

    Clyde Haygood Has An Announcement!


    You didn't hear?! HairClutch and Clyde Haygood came together to announce something really special. We have teamed up for some holiday fun and created an awesome contest for all our customers! Starting Cyber Monday - Jan 1st, every customer that purchases a HairClutch automatically gets entered to win a set of luxury hair extensions and a Skype ( or facetime) session with Clyde to teach you how to style your new hair! OH-EM-GEE!! 

    In Clyde's words- 

    Click here to purchase! 



    The Dames 

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  • Clyde Haygood, The Celebrity Stylist You Need to Know

    Clyde Haygood, The Celebrity Stylist You Need to Know

    Clyde Haygood, the stylist to the stars we all know and love. The tastemaker behind the scenes setting trends before they happen. Who brought back the Bo - Derek braids on Kim- CLYDE, who brought back wigs on all the young milenialls - CLYDE, Who started the beach wave revolution- CLYDE. How do you ask? He is the mane master mind behind his muses - Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Erika Jayne, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato just to name a few. 



    You name a trend you thought the diva started and Clyde was the mane man behind it. His techniques and tricks come from the somewhere deep in his beautiful mind and master hands when he touches hair. His ability to turn hair into art- and not the kind you only see in magazines, but the kind you want to replicate on yourself, is unparalleled. 

    Clyde Haygood, AKA Clyde HairGod currently lives in Los Angeles, Ca  keeping his Diva Dames on point on a daily bases. To have Clyde touch your hair is like a gift from the hair God's. Gosh, Eryka Jane  is so lucky. 


    We met Clyde and he fell in love with HairClutch. He felt his clients deserved something unique and chic , but mostly functional to store their hair when they aren't wearing it. He, himself no longer has to store all the hair in his kit in plastic bags. Don't believe us, listen to what he has to say. 

    Click here to purchase yours! HairClutch is not just great to buy for yourself, but to get for your bestie or sister who has hair in a balled up mess!!


    The Dames

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  • Roger Medina Hair Extensions and HairClutch for the Win!

    Roger Medina Hair Extensions and HairClutch for the Win!

    Hey Dames! We are so excited to share with you a new kid on the hair extension block be none other than the famed celebrity hairstylist, Roger Medina. His hair extensions are so cool and chic. With all the cool girls in mind, Roger has curated a very relevant collection of colors in his line that speaks to the girl that wants to stand out. Being a hairstylist first  he has a first hand take on what girls want and what girls need. That being said he fell in love with our product - HairClutch. The first hair extension carrier and hair extension storage solution that gives your hair a home and it helps you style it at the same time. This being said a collaboration seemed like the best next step. So, dames, enter your email here for a chance to win a HairClutch and a set of Roger Medina Hair Extensions!!

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  • Three 5 Minute Hairstyles that Take You From Work To Glam Night Out

    Hi Dames! Its summa summer time and we all want to be ready to go out right after work.  Especially in NYC or your cities. Here’s a few tips and styles that will take you to the rooftop lounge looking like a showstopper!

    1. Have your HairClutch in your desk ready to go with hair extensions prepped and ready for the clock out.
    2. Have a beach spray or texture spray and dry shampoo on hand. I favor the travel size sprays for this reason.
    3. Have your THD Hair Tie ready to wrap around your bun or pony to floss it up and a boar bristle brush.

    Here’s some examples of regular work looks turned glam in literally 5 min.

    Left is a quick top knot you would wear to work,  right is a 5 minute spruce up for glam look. Use some clip on bangs and a hair tie to glam it up!

    To the left is a quick regular braid you would show up to work in. To the right is a glam fishtail with the few extensions already prepped in your HairClutch -you pop them in 2 seconds later to make your braid a little more glammy.

    Left is a regular pony for work. To the right is a glam pony created with hair extensions. Remember, you can already have your hair prepped with waves in your HairClutch. before work. Wrap a Hair Tie around your pony and bam, glam.


    Your friends won’t know how your pulled it off so quickly but I won’t tell! Let me know how you do Dames! Tag me on ig in your after work happy hour glam looks! @thehairdame


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Friday Feature: House Of Dame – Our Story


    Hi, Dames! I want to share my company’s story with you. My business partner Debbie and I created our company as a mission to you.

    When I was 19 (I’m now 35), I was doing hair in and out of a  salon and I had hair extensions everywhere! I noticed hair extensions in friends’ drawers and clients’ houses with messy balls of hair all over the place – I had an idea! Why isn’t there a special carrier for storage of our expensive hair?  My first idea was a miniature garment bag… but that wasn’t good enough. As I kept developing the idea in my head over the course of 5 or 6 years, I reunited with my childhood bestie and I asked her to help me with my idea. As if time had never passed, we were laughing and giggling our way to building a company (only now with good wine instead of lunchables snacks). Then, one night, I was pulling out my box of purses to pick one for the night and a silver clutch purse fell on my head. It was in that moment that HairClutch by Dame was born. Turns out that turning your idea into a real product is not that easy of a task.  Lots of no’s, several mistakes and many travels around the globe later, we had our perfect sample. We received a utility and design patent, hooray!

    At this same time we had the idea to create a platform for me, the hair expert of now 17 years, to talk to you Dames everywhere! We wanted to be able to empower all women to learn how to do their own hair and give them all the products they need to do so confidently. With that was born The Hair Dame. We did loads of research, tons of planning, lots of over thinking about structure and strategy (you name it), we thought about it. Yet, we still felt like we were missing a key piece. We wanted to empower Dames everywhere and give everyone an opportunity to feel good about themselves, so how can we truly give back to everyone with this company?

    Then came the Women Like Us Foundation- an incredible organization that supports women-led or founded issues in the world. Now we have the trifecta, our platform, our products and our charity organization that we can bring full circle in supporting all women everywhere with what we do.

    Our mission to you Dames is to never lie, never speak on a product we don’t 100% stand behind and always do our best to bring you the trends, hair tips and best products for your hair.

    HairClutch by Dame is the first product we birthed from scratch and there are many more in the think tank as we speak. Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame is a product we stand behind and believe gives every Dame the opportunity to look fab with great hair.

    Sign up for our newsletter! We are not the annoying ones that send out letters every day pressuring you to buy something. We keep you in the loop with stories and hairstyle updates along with products to keep you and your hair happy… we even surprise you with discounts and giveaways.

    Why? Because we love you! We want you and your hair to live happily ever after.


    The Dames

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  • Best Gifts for the Hair-Obsessed Dame

    Happy Holidays! Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa… anything else I’m forgetting? ‘Tis the season of giving! Since hair is a woman’s most important accessory, we wanted to share with you some of the best gifts you can get your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, aunts, etc.

    1. Hair Jewelry

    hair jewelry _100160617 282155_975_1 282196_975_1 _100018468

    2. Secret Extensions – So easy to wear. So inexpensive that you can buy multiple pieces for major glam, hair color pops, and just a little boost to feel your best all around!

    secret extenions images-1

    3. Hairclutch – The hair organizer of your dreams! Storage, travel, and a hair styling assistant — HairClutch does it all. You will love it, and giving this is a gift will definitely be telling someone you love them!

    hair extension storage and travel for the kardashians

    4. The Beachwaver – Creator Sarah Potempa knocked this baby out of the park. It’s an awesome way to create natural beach waves without contortioning being a required skill (like with your regular iron). The barrel spins on its own with the push of a button.


    5. Loreal Elnett hairspray – The best hairspary in the biz — industry’s insiders top pick. Why? It doesn’t flake and it gives hair some natural shine. Epic!


    6. Boar bristle brush – A Mason Pearson is the necessity for every Dame. It makes your hair shiny, it smoothes out bumps in hairstyles and it’s the best way to create a sleek look.


    Any or all of these amazing tools will ensure the hairstyle of a hair-obsessed Dame’s dream!

    We’ll be showing you how to create tons of styles with this tool box in the future, so stay posted to our blog posts to find the next style of your dreams!


    Make sure to share this post with your besties and follow us on all our socials, @thehairdame.



    The Dames

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  • Going Away for the Holidays? Here’s How to Keep Your Hair On Point Like a DAME


    Hey there, Dames! Is everyone ready for a bounce to the ounce out of town for the holidays? Us too, but let’s not get crazy and throw out all of our hair routines. Let’s remember a few key components:

    1. Stay Fly Like a DAME

    You’re on vacation, who cares what you look like, right? WRONG! Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, or you’re locked and under control, looking good above all things is feeling good. We are not here to tell you to find a dry bar in the middle of Mexico, but here’s a couple of tips to make a quick and easy “Stay Fly Like a DAME” routine while you’re on vacation.

    *Always have as set of hair extensions with you. Our favorite go-to’s are Secret Extensions. Why? They’re super affordable and you can buy several colors –whether you want to match your color, add a lowlight, a hightlight, extra length and/or volume. With a set of Secret Extensions when on vacation, you can make a slicked back volumized ponytail, a high bun, or a dramatic braid, etc.

    high ponytail with extensions

    * Have a gel, a grooming cream, and an oil finisher in hand for an awesome hair product cocktail that makes the perfect “wet look”. Just mix them all in your hand at once, and I mean A LOT, in your hand and apply it to your roots all the way to your ends. Then scrunch with a towel to allow your natural wave to come through. Create a desired part and slick down the sides. BOOM! Kim Kardashian! Whaaaaaat!? Everyone will be asking you how you did it or they’ll just stare like “bam, she looks bomb!”.

    kim kardashian wetlook

    photo cred: Film magic

    For THD How To Create a Wet look click Here:



    2. Stay Organized

    Your on vacay, your hair extensions are all over your room, some hot guys walk in and think you killed a rat! First of all, no man needs to know a woman’s secret… like ever. Second like ever. So… do yourself a favor and get a HairClutch. It stores your hair extensions for travel, you can take it straight out of your suitcase and hang it in the closet, and you can style your hair while its hanging. It’s a no-brainer.

    hair extension storage and travel for the kardashians

    3. Stay Ready So You Don’t Have to Get Ready

    You’ve been so organized while planning your trip: you organized outifts, you dialed down your shoe options, you even got your hair extensions and Hairclutch all packed and ready to go. You get to your destination and the worst case scenario is now your reality: the airline’s lost your luggage! So, how does a DAME stay ready?

    * Take a small carry-on, like an oversized tote with an outift, your HairClutch with hair extensions, and travel size toiletries. Trust us. It’s the only savior in those panic situations. You’ll never travel any other way after this happens to you.

    For more infor on hair extensions, CLICK LINK belwo:


    We hope you have a fabulous vacation! Don’t forget the 3 rules when packing!!



    The Dames

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  • HairClutch hangs at The Standard Hotel, Sunset bl.

    HairClutch hangs at The Standard Hotel, Sunset bl.

                             hair extension carrier, hair extension storage, hairclutch, kylie jenner hair extensions, hair extension purse, hair extension clutch, cashmere hair extensions, bellami hair extensions, daisy fuentes hair extensions

    Dames love hanging on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, Ca. The sun, the hair, the drinks. The Standard Hotel is a great spot to be. It has a great view and a cute Lobby. The best part about traveling with your HairClutch is no one knows whats in and if you take it into the lobby on your way to your room, you still look like the most stylish girl in the room and only you know your secret.

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  • Blunt Haircut + Clip In Hair Extensions = No problem

    clip in hair extensions

    Hey there Dames, did you follow the blunt haircut trend and now your hair extensions are sitting in a drawer and you’re afraid they don’t blend in anymore?  Never fear, The Hair Dame is here!! Here is a cool step by step video on how to apply your clip ins without getting that weird short hair around your neckline. We used our favorite clips ins by Cashmere Hair extensions of Beverly Hills in the video.


    Step 1- Section the bottom hair below your nape and pin up in a little knot with a bobby pin, clip in the piece with 3 clips right above this

    Step 2- With a rat tail comb, section out about an inch above that, the next section of hair.  Clip in the piece with 4 clips right above that.

    Step 3- Repeat step 2.

    Step 4- On the side, create a diagonal section, so the hair piece lays toward your face. Clip in the piece with 2 clips.

    Step 5- Section 1 inch above that, bring that hair down, following the diagonal section below. Clip in the piece with 2 clips. Bring your top hair down over it.

    Step 6- Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the other side.


    Make Sure to get your HairClutch to store your precious hair pieces here.

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  • Where Fashion meets Fantasy : Laurent Philippon

    hair fashion and fantasy-laurent philippon-david lachapelle hair extension storage

    On this lovely fall day here in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of speaking with the amazing Laurent Philippon, a hairstylist that we know from magazine covers like Vogue, ad campaigns including Valentino and Givenchy, and celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Bjork. We all know and respect his work and I am honored to share his story and perspective. This is a short story on Laurent Philippon.

    laurent philippon celebrity hairstylist hair extension storage

    Laurent Philippon was born to be a hairdresser, you might say. His father was a barber and Laurent grew up from a very young age standing on a stool washing hair. He was uninspired in the small barber shop in his village and had a strong desire to expand his estetic. At the age of 15, he left school and went on to the school of hairdressing. By 16, he entered into his first hair contest and won. Winning that first contest gave him a strong confidence and kept him moving forward in this world of hairstyling as he continued to win regionals and then on to nationals. He was confident and yet very curious, but he wanted more. Laurent decided to knock on the door of hairdressing legend, Alexandre de Paris, which was where he really studied his method and developed his skills. He started from the very bottom sweeping floors, but spent hours and hours perfecting technique.

    As an artist, we all have something or somewhere that inspires us. For Laurent, he is inspired by EVERYTHING. He says he is the most curious person he knows. However, to find solace on his downtime he finds himself at the Palace of Versailles. I asked if he sits and enjoys coffee and takes it in. His response was intriguing. He walks, he says. He stays in movement. The right movement is very important, he explains. As an example, the movement of the oceans and seas is perfection and this translates into his theory of hairstyling. Laurent explains he adapted this theory from his work with Julien D’ys , who is the definition of an artist by every token.

    laurent philippon hair fashion hair extensions storgae salome_virginie__hair___fashion_and_fantasy__laurent_philippon_845962858_north_545x-1-txt

    For hairdressers, we embody ourselves into our own work. The inspiration, the study, the technique. However, I found through my conversation with Laurent that he is embodied by not only his own work, but by the work of others. This is exemplified in his book, Hair: Fashion and Fantasy. His appreciation and respect for his mentors is manifested through his estethic and his curiosity is shown through his admiration for the work around him. He said he gets so excited to see the work of Eugene Souleiman, and for a successful artist to display this much passion for a collegue is admirable. This idea of displaying the work of others and the inspiration to which they collectively feed on is what we see in his book, and what his inspiration was for creating it.

    Today, Laurent is the global creative director of Bumble and Bumble and wishes to own a hair museum one day. I hope soon, so that this wonderful book will become a monument for the crossbreed of hairdresser, painter, photographer. The true definition of Art.  ##


     cover hair fashion and fantasy laurent philippon hair extension storage

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