• 5 Trendy Styles to Wear by the Water

    The beach life is the best life. If you don’t live on the beach, I bet you go to the beach on the weekends or hang by a lake, river or pool. Lets face it, any water does the trick in the summer. Here’s a few fun trendy summer hairstyles you can take from day to night with a fun twist.





    Let me know your favorite and I’ll make a how to video for you!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Three 5 Minute Hairstyles that Take You From Work To Glam Night Out

    Hi Dames! Its summa summer time and we all want to be ready to go out right after work.  Especially in NYC or your cities. Here’s a few tips and styles that will take you to the rooftop lounge looking like a showstopper!

    1. Have your HairClutch in your desk ready to go with hair extensions prepped and ready for the clock out.
    2. Have a beach spray or texture spray and dry shampoo on hand. I favor the travel size sprays for this reason.
    3. Have your THD Hair Tie ready to wrap around your bun or pony to floss it up and a boar bristle brush.

    Here’s some examples of regular work looks turned glam in literally 5 min.

    Left is a quick top knot you would wear to work,  right is a 5 minute spruce up for glam look. Use some clip on bangs and a hair tie to glam it up!

    To the left is a quick regular braid you would show up to work in. To the right is a glam fishtail with the few extensions already prepped in your HairClutch -you pop them in 2 seconds later to make your braid a little more glammy.

    Left is a regular pony for work. To the right is a glam pony created with hair extensions. Remember, you can already have your hair prepped with waves in your HairClutch. before work. Wrap a Hair Tie around your pony and bam, glam.


    Your friends won’t know how your pulled it off so quickly but I won’t tell! Let me know how you do Dames! Tag me on ig in your after work happy hour glam looks! @thehairdame


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Red Carpet Report – A Surprising Way To Get The Look!

    Source: Getty Images

    Hey, Dames!

    The Oscars were pretty hilarious last night complete with that snafu ending. However, the red carpet looks were anything but wrong!  I was so impressed with how gorgeous and beautiful everyone looked. The hair was out of this world.

    Pssst… I have a serious new obsession with wigs. Why? because you can literally achieve so many looks so easily and so quickly.  Kris Jenner stated last night on E! that wigs are all the new rage and everyone is wearing them. Even Khloé is using wigs in her makeovers on Revenge Body! This isn’t like the old days when wigs were heavy and plastic looking. Old (to me) meaning when I used to go to raves in the 90’s. I use to also find some really horrible wigs in my grandma’s closet. Well, not anymore!

    So many women were wearing wigs last night (we won’t tell who) and some definitely should’ve been (I won’t mention those names either).  However, I will mention some of my absolute fav looks and show you where you can get the wig that matches the cut. You can style it or accessorize it to look as glamorous, hippie, chic, retro, or as classic as you wish! Lux Wigs has all the styles you can replicate. The name of the wig style is below the image.  You can click on the image to get them. Happy wig-wearing for everyone!

    Getty Images Name of Wig- Lite Touch Bob

    Getty Images
    Name of Wig- Lite Touch Bob


    Source: Getty Images

    Source: Getty Images Name of Wig- Wavy Pixy


    oscars 2017-

    Name of Wig- Textured Pixy


    Name of Wig- Curled Bob Or Soft Curls

    oscars 2017

    Name of Wig- Textured Bob

    Name of Wig-  Curled bob

    Name of Wig- Curled Bob

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  • Gaga Inspired Hair: SuperBOWS!


    Hi, Dames! Is everyone watching the Superbowl? Or just chiming in for the half time show like me? I mean, who doesn’t love themselves a little Gaga? She is a Dame that represents being who you are no matter what anyone thinks. Regardless of whether you love her music or not, as a strong woman, we gotta love that! On to the most important: Gaga’s hair! Besides all the wigs, sculptures and the amazing colors she loves to wear, I realized she really loves bows! Bows on top of her head, bows on the side of her head, bows made out of hair positioned anywhere on her head seem to make her pretty happy. I’m not one for crazy hair.. but I do get inspired by it. I decided to create a couple of looks with bows that you can replicate. Any Dame can do this – from young girls to middle-aged moms for a fun day or night out. Below are the images and I will follow with the steps.  Try it and let me know how it worked for you!

    hair bows

    Note: You can do this with your hair half up or all up in a pony on top of your head – it’s up to you.  I put in my extensions and created this look with my hair half up.

    Step 1: Use a bristle brush to pull all the hair up smooth to the top of your head. The bow might end up a little frizzy or messy or textured, so I always recommend a juxtaposition for a finished look. If the hair pulled up is smooth and tight, the bun can be messy. If updo is polished, the other hair can be a little messy.

    Step 2: Wrap a rubber band around the hair as tight as possible and leave a little loop. This loop is going to be the two sides of the bow. The size of the loop should be the size you want the bow to be.

    Step 3: Notice the hair left out – we are going to use that in a second. Take the loop and separate it in the middle. Now, take the loose hair left out and pull it through the middle of the loop and pin it in the base of the pony. If you have long hair and there’s still a lot hanging, you can wrap it around the base of the bow. Pin it into place.



    You can follow these same steps to create different bows. This bow I had extensions in and pulled it into a side pony. Then creating a loop, and pulling the ends through the middle. This would be an elegant updo that would could be done in a few min’s once you got the hang of those steps.

    It’s OK if you’re not the Dame that will wear a gigantic platinum wig with a huge hair bow on top, or a mini bow on top of your head. Try the side bow that looks like a cool updo. This works for all of us!

    Make sure to tag us on IG @thehairdame with your bows!!


    Amalia Moscoso, The Hair Dame


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  • DIY: Wet Hair Style

    Kim-kardashian_wet look_15mar14_rex_b_592x888



    We have been seeing the wet look all over the red carpets this last year. So Amalia, aka, The Hair Dame brought the process to you front and center. How to create the wet look by yourself is totally achievable as she shows you the step by step process. Amalia Moscoso shows you, in this Do It Yourself video, what products you will need, what tools you will need, and how to create the over all look.

    products used:
    Schwartzkoff Bonacure Hair oil
    Redken Smooth Lock Hair Glide
    Kevin Murphy Young. Again
    Redken Super Strong Sculpting Gel
    Kevin Murphy shimmer shine mist
    Tools Used:
    T3 Blow dryer
    T3 Flat iron
    rat tail comb
    Mason pearson brush
    duckbill clips

    Check us out at www.thehairdame.com
    IG: @thehairdame
    pinterest: @thehairdame

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  • THD Rules: How To Match Your Hair To Your Outift


    Hi, Dames! People always ask me how to pick styles based on my outfit. I will tell you how! Below are the rules I go by when picking a hairstyle for my friends, family, clients, or myself.


    Rule #1 Choose a focal point:

    What’s it going to be? Your hair OR your outfit? If you have an attention-grabbing ensemble, most likely your hair should be simple and supportive of what you’ve got on (straight, soft, simple and down, or a basic up-do).  If you are wearing a quieter outfit, with basic colors rather than loud patterns, say a solid t-shirt, jeans, or a blazer, you can go all out on your hair and makeup to keep a fashionable balance.

    Focal point is cut-out, so Kendall is sporting a soft updo, which happens to be a trending high pony.

    As you can see here, Chrissy chose her hair to be the focal point, so her outfit is a basic color, with basic structure and laid-back style.

    Again, focal point is hair, and you can tell from this picture that Dakota’s dress is a basic color.

    Rule #2  Don’t compete with your dress.

    If your dress has a high neckline, wear your hair up. If your dress has a low neckline or strapless, wear your hair downIf you are wearing an in-between, the choice is yours.. but refer to rule #1 for guidance on your styling options. Below are some great suggestions:

    With a high neckline, you really want to show the structure and beauty in the dress. Like Emma, wear yours up!

    Long straight hair is a beautiful style with a strapless dress. Sofia wore this well.


    Rule #3  There’s a time and a place.

    If you are dressing for business your hair MUST be neat and smooth. Stay away from sexy, messy, or texturized. You want the focus to be who you are as a person but also to show confidence and structure, not your late alarm clock. Dry Bar has opened up everywhere and it’s a great place to pop-in for a quick blowout before work or an important meeting.


    Pulling one or both sides back adds a little pizzazz to a business-friendly hairstyle.

    A straight blowout is a great go-to. Khloé’s killing it!

    Waves and curls look great too, as long as they are tightly manicured. Olivia Palermo knows what’s up!

    Hope this all makes sense to you. Let me know how it goes!!



    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • A Little Bit Country


    Nashville stars Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton are showing off more than just their unexpected amazing singing voices on ABC’s new hit series. Everyone has been asking us how to get those perfect Tennessee tresses! Whether the characters are fighting over their dreamy co-stars or rocking out onstage, their award-worthy hair is always soft looking and bouncy with tons of volume.
    Follow these simple steps, and you too can have perfect country curls – Nashville style!

    1. Spray some dry shampoo on your roots to build volume and absorb any oils on your scalp.

    2. Use a Mason Pearson brush to comb out the ends and detangle your hair.

    3. Disperse a quarter-size amount of Moroccan oil to add moisture and shine to your ends.

    4. Take a 1″ barrel curling iron, take 2″ sections of the hair, wrapping it around the barrel and away from your face. *Note, you’ll notice that wrapping the hair around the barrel as opposed to rolling the barrel up your hair using the clip – produces a completely different kind of curl! Follow this all the way around your head.

    5. Delicately finger through your hair while lightly spraying your favorite hairspray. Ours is Morrocan Oil, which gives us a shiny, maluable hold.

    Hair Dame Tip: If you want looser waves like Connie aka Rayna James’, try spritzing a beach spray all over, then shaking your hair out to finish.

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