• The ‘Wet Look’! Have you noticed this trend on the fashion circuit?


    For the last year or so, we have been noticing “the wet look” on the red carpets and at fashion events. We, personally, love the look—it’s chic, edgy and actually easy to achieve. Some people recommend layering greasy hair products like gel, pomade, and different oils, but this can build up to a flaky mess if you don’t use the right combination of products.

    Well, we’re just gonna spill the beans on the industry secret—Coconut Oil!! Yep, that’s right, just coconut oil. It’s not only amazing for your face, your body, and as a conditioner, but you can use it as a styling product too, and it stays and gives you the look you want, with no mess.

    To Get The Look:

    1. Blow dry your hair as usual (you can check out our blowout video).

    2.  Put a generous amount of coconut oil in your hands and rub through the top of your hair starting at your hairline.

    3. Apply it throughout your hair, starting at your roots to just a few inches below (leave out the ends).

    4. If you wish to create an updo you can comb it through to your ends and style as usual.

    *Bonus Tip: It works for men too—just add a little bit of gel in for the hold factor.

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  • The Winner of The Hair Dame Award at the 70th Annual Golden Globes is….


    The 70th Annual Golden Globes definitely did not disappoint this year.  From the winners to all the red carpet looks we were enamored with this award show and everyone there. The red carpet was star studded with glitz, glamour, and diamond worthy hair. Through all the sparkle we managed to find our stand out THD award winners.

    Jennifer Lawrence was a big winner at the Globes and she is also a winner at THD. Mark Townsend did an amazing job on her hair. Her overall look is DAME worthy-Bravo!

    JLO did it again! The next THD award goes to Jennifer Lopez. It is undeniable that she looks stunning. This flawless Jennifer is a winner in our book. Hair by Lorenzo Martin.

    Eva Longoria looked absolutely fabulous. She must have checked out THD rules because her hair fits in to rule #2. She is a DAME no doubt about that. Hair by Ken Paves

    Jessica Alba really went all out. When you get past the diamonds on her neck not a focal point is disappointing. She is a DAME from head to toe. She wears the side swept waves well. Work it girl! Hair By Robert Ramos

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