• The Hot Haircut Trend That’s Happening Right Now!


    Its mid-winter and unless you’re in one of the always sunny states – it’s freezing outside! While hair extensions might act like a second scarf to keep you warm when it’s so cold, it seems quite the contrary is happening in the hair world. Collarbone length cuts are happening everywhere. And although we are all about the extensions – we must say, we love it! Its chic, its voluminous, and its super sexy. This look is a great way to let your hair color stand out and it shortens your blowout time, too. Here are some examples of celebs trending with this style. Send us some pics of your collar-cut or your clients after you hook them up with this versatile glamourous style.


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  • Bouffants Are Back, Big Time!


    … And when we say big, we mean BIG! For this fresh take on the beehive, think less Winehouse and more Moschino! The designer showed us how it’s done during his recent show at Milan Fashion Week and we are all over this look!

    Hair Dame tip: Make sure you have a Mason Pearson brush  and your trusty L’oreal Elnett hairspray. Don’t be shy about teasing up those tresses! Get your height on!

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