• Trend Alert: Best Hairstyles from Fashion Week Around the World

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    Dames! There were some epic hairstyles all over the world last month.  I really loved watching every look.  What does this mean?  Let’s go through each image and talk about how this affects us on trends coming…


    NY Marchesa Antonio Corral Calero

    NYC, Marchesa – Hair: Antonio Corral Calero

    Hair jewelry is definitely creeping in on us. My prediction is that it’s about to blow up next year — everyone will be rocking hair jewelry. Get in on the alert to be the first ones doing it, not just for a wedding or a festival, but out for drinks or a date. Jen Atkin created a pretty dope hair jewelry line with Chloe and Isabel last year. Low hair buns are taking a twist as well.  Get creative: wrap, tie, and knot. This is so exciting!

    NYC, Christian Siriano - Hair: Anthony Cole

    NYC, Christian Siriano – Hair: Anthony Cole

    Add wraps, ties, and string around your braids to get a bobble; it’s accessorizing your braid. I got some pretty cool flower pins at Ulta the other day and I put them in may hair, it was so fun to spruce up a braid!


    London, Versus Versace - Hair: Paul Hanlon

    London, Versus Versace – Hair: Paul Hanlon

    This is so cool! By far my favorite hair. Why? because it’s so Fifth Element. How does this translate into everyday hair? Hipsters will be washing theirs less and fashion girls will be investing more in coconut oil to give texture to their updo wet look. In the end, everyone that wishes they were cool will be seeing all this and saying: “I could never pull that off”. Yes, you can! The wet look is not going anywhere, it’s just evolving with texture.

    London, Christopher Kane - Hair: Guido Palau

    London, Christopher Kane – Hair: Guido Palau

    Messy wet texture, mixed with polished hair. Mixed media in the hair. This is slick polished hair with a messy braid!

    Paris, Chanel - Hair: Sam McKnight

    Paris, Chanel – Hair: Sam McKnight

    Lots of volume and glamorous headbands. You can get this level of volume with Secret Volume by The Hair Dame.

    Paris, Balmain - Hair: Sam McKnight

    Paris, Balmain – Hair: Sam McKnight

    Sam McKnight basically showed us how to make cornrows look high fashion. Polished. Straight. Epic.

    Milan, Moschino - Hair: Paul Hanlon

    Milan, Moschino – Hair: Paul Hanlon

    SHORT BANGS OH ME, OH MY! Clip-on bangs are an amazing way to get this look without crying and wearing headbands for the next 6 months.

    Milan, Bottega Veneta - Hair: Guido Palau

    Milan, Bottega Veneta – Hair: Guido Palau

    Hair hats — love it. Take your dirty hair day and do something more than a ponytail or a bun. Use precision parts and create disconnected styles, like a textured top knot to the side and a ponytail in the back. So cute! You could rock this hairstyle in sweatpants and look fly.

    Dames, I hope you liked this recap. Try these hairstyles and tag me on IG. I”ll repost you!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Trend Alert! #LongHairDontCare


    All over the runway for fashion weeks world wide we are seeing middle parts and straight long hair. What does this mean for hair fashionistas?  This is a trend alert!!

    Elie_Saab_fall_winter_2014_2015_collection_Paris_Fashion_Week3 Valentino-spring-summer-collection-2015-at-Paris-Fashion-Week-4


    Did you jump on the mid length or bob hair trend and now you miss your long locks?!  No fear, hair extensions are here for you. Here are a few hair extension brands and some of their awesome tutorials for giving us different styling options. While we also give tutorials and DIY’s we like to support our fellow comrads.  Here’s a couple hair extension lines and their videos that we love..

    Nicole Guerriero gives us the perfect demo on how to clip in your hair extensions when you have mid length hair.


    Luxy hair- www.luxyhair.com – They have a great, easy to manage website, that is also mobile friendly. Their showcasing of color is accurate and wide ranged.  Below is a demo on a really cool braid style.


    Cashmere Hair  – www.cashmerehairextensions.com – Cashmere is one of the higher end clip in hair extension lines. These girls were seen on Shark Tank trying to get a deal with one of the sharks, while they left without a deal they left a lasting impression on America.  Their hair is as luxurious as these 2 girls, the video below is a fantastic way to get a nice thick pony tail!



    ** Insider tip- make sure you protect your hair extension investment with a HairClutch. It stores your hair, makes travel easy and chic, and finally you can style the hair while it is hanging in the bag. BONUS It will extend the life of your hair extensions by keeping them safe.  All the celebs secretly have one, why shouldn’t you?

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  • The Hair Trend from Paris Fashion Week That You Can Take Home


    Side part/deep side part/ no part/ MIDDLE PART! The Middle Part was all over the runway for Paris Fashion week Spring 2015. The variations were fun and creative. It gave us a little insight for spring hair trends next year.  So mix it up! Don’t be afraid to get creative and rock your middle part in 2015!




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