• Color Trend: Rose Gold Glossy Tones


    Blonde hair is all the range in the summer. The lighter the better. As we mentioned in the past weeks Platinum has been on trend all year. But with Platinum comes an urge to take our glossy tones to another level. This is why unicorn/ mermaid colors are also on front street. They wash out easily and with just enough time to sneak in a new color. Keeping our hair fresh and funky. To keep them all guessing what to do next. This being said, having fun with toners is definitely trending. Ask your stylist what would look best with your skin tone. There are an array of rose gold blonde tones you can have fun with. Step outside the box and join the party. Here’s some of our favorites below …




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  • Kelly Osborne & Nicole Ritchie Purple Hair- You Can Do It Too!


    PURPLE HAIR IS A TREND????????????? Yep, its true! Kelly Osbourne has been rocking lavendar hair for some time now. Nicole Ritchie followed up with this look and we aren’t mad at her.

    You can be cool too!


    It’s fun , especially for summer. Let loose and get crazy! lol. If you’re already a very light blonde, this will be easy for you to achieve.  If you want a pastel-like color, just get a manic panic color you like, mix it with conditioner, about a scoop of each and apply it to damp hair. WARNING: You must be very blonde for this to work, and conditioner must be white. Comb through your hair to make sure it is even and  allow to sit for 15 min or more.  You can mix the colors to get the tone you want, if you want it a little more violet, add a teensy bit of red, and if you want it a cooler tone, add a teensy bit of blue.  All of this MUST be manic panic colors.

    Just mix with a little white conditioner to get a pastel color. The color you see when mixed is what you get.

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  • Top 4 Hair Colors for 2014

    bronde hair color

    As we enter spring 2014, we have a whole 3 seasons left in this year. “What,” you ask, “Should I do with my hair color to move into the rest of the year?” Well, there are 4 main shades for this year. The celebs have hit the carpets with these colors, so the frenzy has begun. These were the main colors of award season.

    For my blondes, go BOLD—go PLATINUM! You can always add some darker blondes in, for fall and winter, but right now—strike a pose! The trends in all of fashion are moving toward a 90s rendition. You can play with the different tones of platinum, and if you have both cool and warm tones in your eye color, you can play across the board, like Michelle Williams.

    Golden, silvery or a deeper base. All roads to platinum win!


    Are you an in-betweeny? You’re blonde, but not feeling when you go too light or too dark? Well, “bronde” is an amazing choice for you. Check out our previous post on Bronder hair to show you some great examples and shaes of what BRONDE really is! Here are some of our favs:


    Ladies, when Margot Robbie hit that Oscar red carpet with glamorous brunette locks, it sent the industry in a tizzy. Blondes going brunette?! Yes! It’s happening!! Trend alert this year: Rich chocolate brown will be the color of the season. It transforms regular into exotic. Just try it for yourself!!



    Last, but not least, the bright fun colors have made a reappearance, but this time with pastels. Take the color to your root or ends for some fun ombre, or do your whole head for a fun color mix.



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