• Get Bigger Buns! How To Volumize Your Bun


    I have to share another secret with my Dames!  Ever wonder how or why celebs on the red carpet have such big glamorous buns? Well, they have a secret weapon. Their hairstylist uses hair pieces to make them bigger and more voluminous.  (Of course!)

    Now, you can too! I love this product called Secret Volume by The Hair Dame. It’s very versatile and allows you to do many things we women struggle with, like covering up thinning spots, hiding grown out roots and making updos more dramatic.  It can also make your bun a little bigger than normal. See how and try it yourself by following the steps below!



    1. Bring your hair to the ponytail of choice, side or top.
    2. There are 3 clips on the secret volume piece, wrap the piece around the ponytail clipping it into place.
    3. Tease the Secret Volume piece all the way around and wrap your ponytail around the teased hair. Pin hair into place with bobby pins where needed.

    Let me know how it goes! Tag me in any of your pics and I will repost you.


    Amalia Moscoso
    The hair Dame

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  • The Hair Dame Award Goes to….


    The 2013 Academy Awards were especially exciting when it came to the lovely looks coming down the red carpet. The expected up-dos and soft waves came and went but our favorite look left a lasting impression. The star that shined a bit brighter, whose hair outshone even their outfit, the winner of this year’s The Hair Dame Award goes to…

    Charlize Theron and her hairstylist Enzo Angilari! This is what it looks like when you own it, ladies. Theron took our breath away. Congrats to Angilari, her long time hairstylist, for proving classic beauty always wins. The perfect blonde hue, coupled with a great shape for her face grants you the award as well, Enzo! Bravo!!

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  • 2013 GRAMMY AWARDS – THD’s Top 3 Winning Hair Trends


    Every Year the Grammy’s are lit up with the stars and their honors. Most people get excited for the performances, But The Hair Dame gets excited for the red carpet. Not for the wardrobe, although that is exciting too, but for the fabulous hairstyles. This year did not disappoint, why? Well, we LOVE the effortlessly “cool” look, and the Grammy’s is the best award show to showcase. Below we have highlighted our favorite trends of the show season, and our stylist, Amalia Moscoso will give you the step by step to recreate the looks your self!


    1. PONYTAILS. Anyone can do a ponytail, right? But can you make it look this cool?


    1) Center part makes it so chic. a side part works too, just make sure its defined and sleek.

    2) Ponytail extension. This is what takes it to another level. If you purchase the one we suggest in the link, it is a simple wrap around application.

    3. Use a mason pearson brush and a cocktail of an emollient ( redken glass) and a pomade (kevin murphy easy rider) to slick your sides and top of your hair down smooth.


    2. SMOOTH ROOTS, CURLY ENDS. Perfect combination of sexy and cool.


    1) give yourself an amazing blowout. Do you have trouble with this? Check out our how to blowout your own hair video. If your practice still hasnt made perfect go to your local Drybar.

    2) the next step is to curl or wave your ends. Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver would be a great tool to use for this step.

    3)use some hair oil or emollient for shine and spray some beach spray to give it a piecey look.


    3. BANGIT OUT. The gift that keeps on giving- Clip in bangs !


    1) Brush back your hairline and pin it to create an anchor for the clips on the bangs.

    2) clip in your hair piece and comb it out as desired.


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