• Trend Alert: Messy hair don’t care, sleek and neat is the feat of this post!


    All over the Golden Globes red carpet was gorgeous hair, but the one thing almost every style had in common was very slicked down, tightly groomed hair. Almost no one had messy, textured hairstyles. Get out your flat irons, curling irons, waxy pomades and hair oil, friends! Because this season is all about sleek and chic glamour!!

    Our favorite products to achieve these looks:

    T3 Flatiron:

    For coarse hair, you can heat the iron up to 400-450 degrees. For fine hair, don’t go above 300 degrees.













    The Beachwaver by Sarah Potempa:

    Simply put a section of the hair in the bottom clasp and the iron rolls up itself. It’s amazing and we love it!! (And so does Allure! It won “Best of Beauty”!!)














    Waxy Pomade:

    Put a dime sized amount in your hands and smooth through your hair using a Mason Pearson brush to evenly distribute. Continue with curling iron.













    Argan Oil:

    For finishing, brush out curls with Mason Pearson and distribute oil though ends for shine.

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  • And The Hair Dame Award Goes To…..


    The Oscars of 2014 were extremely entertaining this year. Ellen really hosted the show well with bouts of fun and record-hitting Tweets! The red carpet pre-show had no less disappointments. All the celebs were star-studded and as glamorous as ever!

    Hair trends on the carpet this year were loose, polished curls and polished updos. Not much texture this year. However, we loved how Keri Washington’s hairstylist mixed it up a bit with a half-up/half-down do, mixing both the polished look and a bit of texture. We love texture over here at The Hair Dame!

    Hair by Takisha Sturdivant-Drew

    Charlize Theron looked so chic with her sleek Bob, and the ever-gorgeous Oscar winner Cate Blanchett really showed who’s boss on the carpet with her glamorous waves—a hairstyle for an Oscar winner. Great job to her stylist—Robert Vetica.

    The after party crew did not disappoint, either. Khloe Kardashian was so stunning in her Veronica Lake inspired look. Just gorgeous!!

    Hair by Clyde Haygood

    However, though all these glamourous Dames really brought it, only one Dame can win our award…….

    And the award goes to…. Margot Robbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not only are her waves polished with absolute perfection, but she dropped her blonde locks for brunette tresses. She turned sexy into classy vixen with a glamorous edge. She took our breath away. She is a true DAME!

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  • Helen Mirren goes PINK!


    We love it when celebs take risks. After all, who wants to see the same ol’ thing all the time? However, every once in a while we get a little surprised, and this time we can say we’re just straight shocked, but with a fantastic smile on our faces!!

    We have to give credit where credit is due: Refinery29 gave a great article on Helen and we agree 100%. She is a righteous Dame!

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  • Grammy’s 2014: What about BOB?


    The Grammy’s were actually very entertaining this year. Between Beyonce and Jay-Z, and Imagine Dragons with Kendrick Lamar, we had a dance party in the living room over here. The dresses gave us a lot to talk about with the shiny metallics and barely-there silhouettes. Everyone just looked sensational! The hair report for this red carpet, though, is nothing short of everyone’s short do’s. The Bob has been creeping back into our hairstyles for the last year, but this cut has exploded at varying lengths and styles. The Kardashian long-locks have seemingly left the building, ya’ll. It’s all about who has the cutest Bob. Which one did you favor best????

    Loving this so much you want one too?? Cut your hair and post it on Instagram! Then tag us using @thehairdame and we will repost! #whataboutbob #thehairdame

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  • The ‘Wet Look’! Have you noticed this trend on the fashion circuit?


    For the last year or so, we have been noticing “the wet look” on the red carpets and at fashion events. We, personally, love the look—it’s chic, edgy and actually easy to achieve. Some people recommend layering greasy hair products like gel, pomade, and different oils, but this can build up to a flaky mess if you don’t use the right combination of products.

    Well, we’re just gonna spill the beans on the industry secret—Coconut Oil!! Yep, that’s right, just coconut oil. It’s not only amazing for your face, your body, and as a conditioner, but you can use it as a styling product too, and it stays and gives you the look you want, with no mess.

    To Get The Look:

    1. Blow dry your hair as usual (you can check out our blowout video).

    2.  Put a generous amount of coconut oil in your hands and rub through the top of your hair starting at your hairline.

    3. Apply it throughout your hair, starting at your roots to just a few inches below (leave out the ends).

    4. If you wish to create an updo you can comb it through to your ends and style as usual.

    *Bonus Tip: It works for men too—just add a little bit of gel in for the hold factor.

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  • The Billboard Awards: A-list Gets a C+ in Style


    The Billboard Awards were more entertaining than usual this year. Between Miguel landing on someone’s head with his failed jump and Nicki Minaj’s booty dance that basically told Beyonce to move over and last but not least, Prince’s always awesome performance. One thing that was not exciting – in our opinion, were the hairstyles of all our favorite stars. Most of them chose their dresses to be the focal point and that’s okay – they looked gorgeous. All was not lost, however as there were two women who stuck out with their FABULOUS hair. For that, we give them a Hair Dame Award! Eryka Badu and Janelle Monae really brought it out up top. They looked absolutely stunning and Eryka stepped out of her usual box with this blonde bob. We loved everything about it. Bravo Dames!



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  • The Winner for Best Red Carpet Hair at the MTV Movie Awards… Plus a How-To Guide to Get the Look Yourself!


    The MTV Movie Awards’ red carpet was pretty much a bust in our opinion, however among all the disappointments stood out a bright gold star: Miss Selena Gomez. She rocked a messy  inverted french braid with some serious volume in the front and sleek sides. The contrast of the sleek base to the messy braid created a texture that certainly caught our eye.

    Image found on mtv.com

    Hair by Riawna Capri


    To get the look ,you will need:

    – Hairspray

    – Aveda Pure Abundance hair powder

    – Mason Pearson brush

    – Teasing comb

    – Bobby pins

    – Additional loose hair (either synthetic or cut-off a weft)

    – Small rubberbands



    1. Flip sections of your hair up and around spraying hairspray throughout. This creates texture and volume. Make sure you use a high-end hairspray. It makes a difference between those pesky little flakes in your hair after you brush it – and not. We recommend Loreal Elnett Satin Spray or Alfaparf hairspray.

    2. Section off the front piece for the pompadour. Sprinkle it with the Aveda Pure Abundance and back comb it with your teasing comb. Pin this section into place.

    3. Next, use your Mason Pearson brush to slick the sides up into 5 ponytails lining up down the middle.

    4. Take your loose hair, long enough to secure it in the middle and still have about 12′ on each side to braid with. Start the braid at the top with the hair pinned in for the pompadour and braid over the little ponytails grabbing hair as you move down the head.

    5. Secure the braid with a little rubberband.

    6. Using your fingers and a teasing comb, rough up the braid to give it that textured look.

    Voila! xo THD

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  • The Hair Dame Award Goes to….


    The 2013 Academy Awards were especially exciting when it came to the lovely looks coming down the red carpet. The expected up-dos and soft waves came and went but our favorite look left a lasting impression. The star that shined a bit brighter, whose hair outshone even their outfit, the winner of this year’s The Hair Dame Award goes to…

    Charlize Theron and her hairstylist Enzo Angilari! This is what it looks like when you own it, ladies. Theron took our breath away. Congrats to Angilari, her long time hairstylist, for proving classic beauty always wins. The perfect blonde hue, coupled with a great shape for her face grants you the award as well, Enzo! Bravo!!

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  • 2013 OSCAR TRENDS!

    thd cover

    This is pure Dame glamour. Salma Hayek epitomizes the word fabulous from head to toe.

    To get the look, you will need:
    dry shampoo
    hair pins

    Step 1: spray dry shampoo at the root all throughout the crown. brush it out.
    Step 2: backcomb the hair around your hairline and smooth it out.
    Step 3: pull your hair in a pony tail on top of your head, leaving a little volume in the front on top.
    Step 4: take sections of your ponytail and backcomb to the root loosely.
    Step 5: wrap the unruly hair around the ponytail securing pins along the bottom until you have a perfect bun.
    Step 6: finish with hairspray, voila!

    You cant go wrong with classic beautiful waves. They are timeless, regal and perfectly fitting for the Oscars.

    To get the look, you will need:
    hot rollers
    mason pearson brush
    shine serum / grooming cream
    *TIP: un-washed for one day hair is best for this style

    Step 1: with the largest size hot rollers, set your hair using 2″ sections and roll everything going back away from your face. continue this direction on the sides as well.
    step 2: after about 30-45 min when rollers have cooled, take rollers down and using you hands finger through waves with product in hand. I would use a cocktail of hair serum and grooming cream, you can even throw a little gel in that cocktail for hold.
    Step 3: create a distinct part on the side and using your mason pearson brush all the hair down smoothly. break up those curls to really bring out the wave. It will also evenly distibute the hair product you put in your hair and allow it to set where u want it.
    Step 4: hairspray to finish and enjoy!

    Halle Berry’s cut was once a unique look that not many dared to attempt to pull-off… This year it is trending!! Pixie cuts have become a sought after style.

    To get the look:
    DONT try this at home!! Find a picture of your favorite pixie and take it to a professional, trusted hair dresser.

    To style a pixie the easiest way: allow your natural texture to come out by letting it air dry. Then, put some pomade in to create a messy-chic style.


    Stay gorgeous! xo THD

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  • 2013 GRAMMY AWARDS – THD’s Top 3 Winning Hair Trends


    Every Year the Grammy’s are lit up with the stars and their honors. Most people get excited for the performances, But The Hair Dame gets excited for the red carpet. Not for the wardrobe, although that is exciting too, but for the fabulous hairstyles. This year did not disappoint, why? Well, we LOVE the effortlessly “cool” look, and the Grammy’s is the best award show to showcase. Below we have highlighted our favorite trends of the show season, and our stylist, Amalia Moscoso will give you the step by step to recreate the looks your self!


    1. PONYTAILS. Anyone can do a ponytail, right? But can you make it look this cool?


    1) Center part makes it so chic. a side part works too, just make sure its defined and sleek.

    2) Ponytail extension. This is what takes it to another level. If you purchase the one we suggest in the link, it is a simple wrap around application.

    3. Use a mason pearson brush and a cocktail of an emollient ( redken glass) and a pomade (kevin murphy easy rider) to slick your sides and top of your hair down smooth.


    2. SMOOTH ROOTS, CURLY ENDS. Perfect combination of sexy and cool.


    1) give yourself an amazing blowout. Do you have trouble with this? Check out our how to blowout your own hair video. If your practice still hasnt made perfect go to your local Drybar.

    2) the next step is to curl or wave your ends. Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver would be a great tool to use for this step.

    3)use some hair oil or emollient for shine and spray some beach spray to give it a piecey look.


    3. BANGIT OUT. The gift that keeps on giving- Clip in bangs !


    1) Brush back your hairline and pin it to create an anchor for the clips on the bangs.

    2) clip in your hair piece and comb it out as desired.


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