• Trend Alert: Best Hairstyles from Fashion Week Around the World

    fashion week

    Dames! There were some epic hairstyles all over the world last month.  I really loved watching every look.  What does this mean?  Let’s go through each image and talk about how this affects us on trends coming…


    NY Marchesa Antonio Corral Calero

    NYC, Marchesa – Hair: Antonio Corral Calero

    Hair jewelry is definitely creeping in on us. My prediction is that it’s about to blow up next year — everyone will be rocking hair jewelry. Get in on the alert to be the first ones doing it, not just for a wedding or a festival, but out for drinks or a date. Jen Atkin created a pretty dope hair jewelry line with Chloe and Isabel last year. Low hair buns are taking a twist as well.  Get creative: wrap, tie, and knot. This is so exciting!

    NYC, Christian Siriano - Hair: Anthony Cole

    NYC, Christian Siriano – Hair: Anthony Cole

    Add wraps, ties, and string around your braids to get a bobble; it’s accessorizing your braid. I got some pretty cool flower pins at Ulta the other day and I put them in may hair, it was so fun to spruce up a braid!


    London, Versus Versace - Hair: Paul Hanlon

    London, Versus Versace – Hair: Paul Hanlon

    This is so cool! By far my favorite hair. Why? because it’s so Fifth Element. How does this translate into everyday hair? Hipsters will be washing theirs less and fashion girls will be investing more in coconut oil to give texture to their updo wet look. In the end, everyone that wishes they were cool will be seeing all this and saying: “I could never pull that off”. Yes, you can! The wet look is not going anywhere, it’s just evolving with texture.

    London, Christopher Kane - Hair: Guido Palau

    London, Christopher Kane – Hair: Guido Palau

    Messy wet texture, mixed with polished hair. Mixed media in the hair. This is slick polished hair with a messy braid!

    Paris, Chanel - Hair: Sam McKnight

    Paris, Chanel – Hair: Sam McKnight

    Lots of volume and glamorous headbands. You can get this level of volume with Secret Volume by The Hair Dame.

    Paris, Balmain - Hair: Sam McKnight

    Paris, Balmain – Hair: Sam McKnight

    Sam McKnight basically showed us how to make cornrows look high fashion. Polished. Straight. Epic.

    Milan, Moschino - Hair: Paul Hanlon

    Milan, Moschino – Hair: Paul Hanlon

    SHORT BANGS OH ME, OH MY! Clip-on bangs are an amazing way to get this look without crying and wearing headbands for the next 6 months.

    Milan, Bottega Veneta - Hair: Guido Palau

    Milan, Bottega Veneta – Hair: Guido Palau

    Hair hats — love it. Take your dirty hair day and do something more than a ponytail or a bun. Use precision parts and create disconnected styles, like a textured top knot to the side and a ponytail in the back. So cute! You could rock this hairstyle in sweatpants and look fly.

    Dames, I hope you liked this recap. Try these hairstyles and tag me on IG. I”ll repost you!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Glimpse Into NYFW: Hair Trends Coming Our Way


    NYFW week was last month and it left us all feeling exhausted in NYC. I had to take the last couple of weeks to really dive into to each show and take it all in. I want to tell you about some trends that are sticking around for a while! There are three of them: natural texture, middle parts, and the wet look!  Works out for me, because these are my three go to’s!

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    This last look is my go to when I have 1-day or 2-day old hair and want to look chic. Check out my video on how to create a wet look here:

    The looks that come out on this runway every year don’t just affect the clothing we all purchase the next year but influence the looks of hair trends and hairstyles you will see everyone rockin’, which makes me excited because these are looks everyone can pull off!  My favorite looks are here to stay. Make sure to tune in next Sunday for my recap on what happened at all Fashion Weeks worldwide.


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Award Season Hair Trends: You Can Do It Too!


    We are mid-award season, Dames, and Fashion Week has just started in NYC. I love watching what everyone’s hair looks like because this sets the tone for the rest of us for the next couple of years. Most of the time it takes at least a year to catch up to the mass. The award shows we have seen so far have showed us two predominant trends as far as hair and style are concerned.

    The first is sleek, straight, and a fixed part in the hair. I love this look and it translates easily into our every day lives. I even did a video on how to create it yourself last summer.  The fact that it’s all over the red carpet this year means that this style is not going anywhere. So, Dames, when you’re trying to think of how to wear your hair to Catch L.A. for any Grammy afterparties, or how to wear your hair for the Balmain show, this is definitely a go to. If you’re a Dame that’s not in any fashion scene and you just want to go out with girlfriends or on a hot date, this works for you too. My boyfriend loves this look on me. Click here for the video on how you can create these looks on your own.

    hair trends 2017 images-2 imgres-3 imgres-2 imgres-5

    If you’re on the go and don’t have time to click above, here’s the video to show you how to create this look on your own. Don’t be afraid of not being able to do it, because you absolutely can!!

    The second look is using hair extensions and hair pieces to create hair accessories in your hairstyle. What?! Yes! These celeb hairstylists use this trick to make the updo or style bigger and better. What is a better accessory than hair? More hair!! This might seem difficult to you, but we have a simple way of doing it that you can recreate easily. We actually have another video in our archive from when we create a crown braid with Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame. This is a prime example of what I’m talking about. If you have clip-ins at home you can do the same thing.  Click here to see how you can do it yourself! Here’s some red carpet examples of hair extension pieces used from the last couple of award shows. Some are massive buns, braided buns, braided head dresses, you name it… Check it out!

    03dd556b08e173c094a2d500f5398463 imgres imgres-4 imgres-1 images-1

    Press play to watch the video of how you can create this look on your own.

    Make sure to tag me on IG and on Facebook with your finished look! I will repost you!


    Amalia Moscoso, The Hair Dame

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  • The Haircut Everyone Will Want In 2017


    Hi, Dames! Is everyone feeling a little drab with their lobs and minimal layers? It’s time to shake it up. Gucci has been trying to tell us the 70’s are back for quite some time now,  it is not the time to conform. What does this mean? Time to snip snip! Bangs of all lengths, multi dimensional layers, and natural waves are all in. No matter what your length is- there’s a version of a shag waiting for you. I curated some of my favorite versions of different lengths below for inspiration – I know which I’ll be getting! Let me know your favorite below and if you need any tips on what to ask your hairdresser to do…



    Source: Pinterest




    Source: Pinterest

    Source: Pinterest

    Source: Pinterest

    Source: Pinterest


    Source: Pinterest



    Source: Pinterest

    Let me know which one’s your favorite! Tag me on IG and I will repost my favorites!


    The Hair Dame

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  • We Have A Trend Alert! NYFW SS2016 -Get The Look

    What do Boss, DKNY, Delpozo, and Michael Kors have in common at their runway shows?





    You guessed it Dames! Deep side parts!! What does this mean for us?  This is a high trend alert. This spring/ summer the deep side part will be a happening look. We’ve also noticed a natural beach messy texture vibe going on. Feels Twiggy meets Bridgette Bardot. We have some hot how to’s coming up to stay on point with the right version of these styles for you. Stay Tuned!


    Dame Amalia

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  • Trends: Crimper AKA Volume and Texturizer

    crimped hair

    How many of us used a crimper in the 80’s?  Well, those of you that are familiar congrats because you have solid practice for what is now a growing trend. Not only are they on the runways for added texture, but its becoming a tool for those with fine hair to get a little volume at the root. Below is some runway crimpy vibes for inspiration and how to take this style to the streets.




    These styles are fun, and you can just add a little here or there as an accessory. We love the Babyliss Pro Crimper. Its small enough to give you control, and not too bulky. We love doing our own videos, but we like to give props to other videos out there that deem worthy. Below is a great video showcasing how to achieve volume with a crimper for my friends with fine hair. They are using the Babyliss pro crimping iron, that we suggested.

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  • The Hair Trend from Paris Fashion Week That You Can Take Home


    Side part/deep side part/ no part/ MIDDLE PART! The Middle Part was all over the runway for Paris Fashion week Spring 2015. The variations were fun and creative. It gave us a little insight for spring hair trends next year.  So mix it up! Don’t be afraid to get creative and rock your middle part in 2015!




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  • The Hair Dame Award for Best Hair at F/W 2013 Fashion Week Worldwide


    There were so many cities, so many designers, so many hairstylists, but the artist and style we chose for this award was a close call due to the amazing work by Ted Gibson, Orlando Pita, Odile Gilbert, and many, many more talents. Without further ado … The winner of THD Award for best hair from all of the fall/winter fashion weeks of 2013 is…..


    GUIDO PALAU for Jean Paul Gaultier, Paris Fashion Week!

    Redken Creative Consultant, Guido Palau and his team individually cut laced front wigs on each model to shape their face. They were placed on top of the model’s own hair to create this punk rock look.

    If you find yourself asking us, are you serious? The answer is YES! Dames, this is how trends are started! Guido is a declared tastemaker in the industry and what that means is he startes the trends the trendsetters bring to life. Just remember, when you start seeing punk rock hair become more chic and trendy throughout this year, just remember The Hair Dame told you so!

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  • THD Rules: How To Match Your Hair To Your Outift


    Hi, Dames! People always ask me how to pick styles based on my outfit. I will tell you how! Below are the rules I go by when picking a hairstyle for my friends, family, clients, or myself.


    Rule #1 Choose a focal point:

    What’s it going to be? Your hair OR your outfit? If you have an attention-grabbing ensemble, most likely your hair should be simple and supportive of what you’ve got on (straight, soft, simple and down, or a basic up-do).  If you are wearing a quieter outfit, with basic colors rather than loud patterns, say a solid t-shirt, jeans, or a blazer, you can go all out on your hair and makeup to keep a fashionable balance.

    Focal point is cut-out, so Kendall is sporting a soft updo, which happens to be a trending high pony.

    As you can see here, Chrissy chose her hair to be the focal point, so her outfit is a basic color, with basic structure and laid-back style.

    Again, focal point is hair, and you can tell from this picture that Dakota’s dress is a basic color.

    Rule #2  Don’t compete with your dress.

    If your dress has a high neckline, wear your hair up. If your dress has a low neckline or strapless, wear your hair downIf you are wearing an in-between, the choice is yours.. but refer to rule #1 for guidance on your styling options. Below are some great suggestions:

    With a high neckline, you really want to show the structure and beauty in the dress. Like Emma, wear yours up!

    Long straight hair is a beautiful style with a strapless dress. Sofia wore this well.


    Rule #3  There’s a time and a place.

    If you are dressing for business your hair MUST be neat and smooth. Stay away from sexy, messy, or texturized. You want the focus to be who you are as a person but also to show confidence and structure, not your late alarm clock. Dry Bar has opened up everywhere and it’s a great place to pop-in for a quick blowout before work or an important meeting.


    Pulling one or both sides back adds a little pizzazz to a business-friendly hairstyle.

    A straight blowout is a great go-to. Khloé’s killing it!

    Waves and curls look great too, as long as they are tightly manicured. Olivia Palermo knows what’s up!

    Hope this all makes sense to you. Let me know how it goes!!



    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Lil Mama Lookin Like a Dame

    the hair dame lil momma

    Beweave it or not ladies! In our opinion, Lil Mama stepped out of the box with her red carpet hair for the Soul Train awards. Buns have been a big hit this season, so being creative with your hairline will keep this style trending with a fresh twist. Lil Mama separated her front fringe area from the perfectly coiffed bun and slicked it up to join the bun itself. It’s sleek, chic, and she looks like a fab Dame – if you ask us.

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