• Braids: Let’s Get Down to Basics

    the hair dame braids

    Dames, summer is approaching which definitely means…yup braid season! Its the cutest way to get your hair up and dress up or down in many ways.  Some of us are experts at braids and some of us could use a little help.  That being said I created a video for you breaking down the finger technique I use to teach you the basics of braiding. Check it out!


    the hair dame braids

    Let me know if you have any questions.  Just take your time and remember, you can do it!

    Tag me @thehairdame to show me your braid



    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • DIY: The Hair Dame Recreates Her Favorite Hairstyle From Fashion Week

    The Hair Dame

    Hi, Dames! New York Fashion Week last month was a whirlwind. The Shows were so fun. Everyone took a bit of street look with touches from the 80’s and 90’s as inspiration. Most of the hairstyles consisted of natural texture and a middle part. My favorite hairstyle came with a little bit of a twist. Hairstylist Odile Gilbert created a half-up hairstyle weaving hair together to create a twist in the hair, literally.


    I loved this look so much I wanted to show you how to recreate this look yourself. It doesn’t have to be exact, you can add your own rendition! This is how I did it. Check out below.

    best hair from fashion week

    To get the look:

    1. Put on your Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame.

    2. Curl your hair with a 1″ barrel. Keep the heat under 320 degrees, let the curl cool in your hand before letting go.

    3. Create a deep side part and twist the hair around your head, and the other side to meet on the opposite of your part.

    4. Tie off with a rubber band leaving a little loop out. Wrap hair around the rubber band and pin into place.

    5. Spray a tittle wax or texture spray in hair to create piecey look.

    the hair dame

    Hope you all love this style as much as me!


    Amalia Moscoso

    The Hair Dame

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  • Friday Feature: House Of Dame – Our Story


    Hi, Dames! I want to share my company’s story with you. My business partner Debbie and I created our company as a mission to you.

    When I was 19 (I’m now 35), I was doing hair in and out of a  salon and I had hair extensions everywhere! I noticed hair extensions in friends’ drawers and clients’ houses with messy balls of hair all over the place – I had an idea! Why isn’t there a special carrier for storage of our expensive hair?  My first idea was a miniature garment bag… but that wasn’t good enough. As I kept developing the idea in my head over the course of 5 or 6 years, I reunited with my childhood bestie and I asked her to help me with my idea. As if time had never passed, we were laughing and giggling our way to building a company (only now with good wine instead of lunchables snacks). Then, one night, I was pulling out my box of purses to pick one for the night and a silver clutch purse fell on my head. It was in that moment that HairClutch by Dame was born. Turns out that turning your idea into a real product is not that easy of a task.  Lots of no’s, several mistakes and many travels around the globe later, we had our perfect sample. We received a utility and design patent, hooray!

    At this same time we had the idea to create a platform for me, the hair expert of now 17 years, to talk to you Dames everywhere! We wanted to be able to empower all women to learn how to do their own hair and give them all the products they need to do so confidently. With that was born The Hair Dame. We did loads of research, tons of planning, lots of over thinking about structure and strategy (you name it), we thought about it. Yet, we still felt like we were missing a key piece. We wanted to empower Dames everywhere and give everyone an opportunity to feel good about themselves, so how can we truly give back to everyone with this company?

    Then came the Women Like Us Foundation- an incredible organization that supports women-led or founded issues in the world. Now we have the trifecta, our platform, our products and our charity organization that we can bring full circle in supporting all women everywhere with what we do.

    Our mission to you Dames is to never lie, never speak on a product we don’t 100% stand behind and always do our best to bring you the trends, hair tips and best products for your hair.

    HairClutch by Dame is the first product we birthed from scratch and there are many more in the think tank as we speak. Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame is a product we stand behind and believe gives every Dame the opportunity to look fab with great hair.

    Sign up for our newsletter! We are not the annoying ones that send out letters every day pressuring you to buy something. We keep you in the loop with stories and hairstyle updates along with products to keep you and your hair happy… we even surprise you with discounts and giveaways.

    Why? Because we love you! We want you and your hair to live happily ever after.


    The Dames

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  • Behind the Scenes with Blondes Who Eat


    Hey, Dames! Guess what? We have some exciting new vibes coming your way… we’ve got a new exciting collaboration coming up with none other Blondes Who Eat: Kristi, Erika, and Morgan! They are some fab dames that love to eat, but, most of all, to look hot while they are doing it. Here are some behind the scenes shots of our fun shoot this week. Stay tuned for our tutorials for their hot hairstyles next month. You won’t want to miss their impressively easy ways to create multiple looks!


    The Dames

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  • Dressing Room Secrets with Katie Welch

    Hi, Dames! We have a fun new segment to introduce to you: Dressing Room Secrets! We got together with our Dame Katie Welch and talked bangs (Secret Bangs to be exact!) as well as Secret Volume. We talk how and where to rock this look

    For more info on these amazing hair pieces, CLICK LINK Below:



    We want you to know you can do this, Dames! These hairstyles are accessible with these hair pieces. Stay tuned for the How-to video to create this hairstyle tomorrow!



    The Dames



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  • DIY Video: How To Create A Fishtail With Hair Extensions


    Do you have short hair and you covet a long braid that your girlfriends have? Well, Dame, no need to covet, just purchase some hair from our new favorite company- Cashmere Hair extensions of Beverly Hills and let The Hair Dame show you the way.  Check out our video below….


    Step 1- Separate the very bottom of your hair beneath your nape and pin it up.

    Step 2- Insert the clip in piece with the 3 clips righ tbaove that section

    Step 3- Separate just a 1/2″ section of hair and add another 3 clip piece.

    Step 4- Separate another 1/2″ section , but placement of this piece is more of a wrap around the side of the head.

    Step 5- Add a 2 clip piece on the side where braid will be.

    step 4- Pull all your hair to 1 side and tie off with a rubber band

    step 5- Create fishtail braid.


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  • Helen Mirren goes PINK!


    We love it when celebs take risks. After all, who wants to see the same ol’ thing all the time? However, every once in a while we get a little surprised, and this time we can say we’re just straight shocked, but with a fantastic smile on our faces!!

    We have to give credit where credit is due: Refinery29 gave a great article on Helen and we agree 100%. She is a righteous Dame!

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