• Secret Bangs, Secret Weapon: How to Switch Up Your Look During the Holiday Party Season

    The Holidays are approaching and getting all dolled up is the the way to go. Picture this: you’ve always wanted to try bangs, but you’re scared. The winter is the best time for bangs because it’s not a hot and sweaty time of year. Secret Bangs are the best invention ever. They clip in and clip out! Here’s some hairstyle ideas you can do with bangs. How fun to create a whole new look for the evening with a little clip-in bang!

    kerri washington bangs hairstyle


    HOLLYWOOD - APRIL 27:  Actress Jennifer Garner arrives at the premiere of Warner Bros. "Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past" held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on April 27, 2009 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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    Check back tomorrow for our interview with Katie Welch and her Secret Bangs and Secret Volume hairstyle. We will share our tutorial on how to create this look below.

    katie welch

    Take a pic of your bangs hairstyles and post on IG and tag us @thehairdame . We will repost our favs.

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  • Which New Years Eve Hairstyle Are You? Let THD Help You Decide!

    Champagne glasses on golden background


    Too many invites and don’t know which party to choose? Why make a choice? Pick a place to dine, another to toast for the new year, a place to have a tipsy make-out session with your date and at last a dance party with friends old and new! But with all this party-hopping – choosing the right hairstyle is vital! You want to look as good at the end of the night as you do in the beginning. If the previous sounds like your kind of New Years Eve night to come, then having a messy, textured updo would be the best bet for you! Here are a couple cute ideas…

    Stacey Bendet of Alice and Olivia perfects the party-girl style.

    Sarah Michelle Geller makes a messy knot look hot!


    If getting crazy out on the town is not in the cards for you this year and your love has a romantic evening planned, then sexy seductress is the way to sizzle. With these alluring locks you are guaranteed to lure them in and let the evening take its course!

    Taylor opts for a classic style for a classy evening

    Mila’s sexy hair is the perfect compliment to that smoking hot dress


    To some, NYC is not the same if you don’t go ALL OUT. If you are a true party girl and you anticipate not putting your head down ’til the sun comes up then we have the perfect style idea for you! Messy, textured waves are super easy and basically say ‘fun’. Wrap your hair around the curling iron, but leave the ends out. It’s hot, it’s easy, and it goes all night long, just like you!

    The messier, the better!


    The party-girl lifestyle might be behind you or perhaps you just want to stay-in with the people you love. A dinner party is the way to go. But to be a perfect hostess takes a lot of work – and finding time to perfect a hairstyle might sound impossible. Well its not! A simple chignon -aka a bun,  or a sexy side pony are both looks that are chic, easy, and will keep your mane out of your face when you’re serving up that main dish you slaved over all day (or secretly had catered in earlier that evening)!


    Your friend is having a house party or you might stop by that local bar you frequent – but you’re just not sure or ready to commit.  You basically want to look as relaxed as your plans but still be hot and sexy just in-case you meet a potential midnight kiss. These easy-going go-tos will work for whatever the night brings – but more importantly will work for you.

    Sofia’s soft blow out with loose waves on the bottom is a great style for anywhere

    Add a hair ornament for a little pizazz

    We hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Years Eve! 


    The Hair Dame

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  • Holiday Hair for a Dame

    Happy Holidays

    This week is filled with post-work hour Holiday shenanigans of all kinds! Here are some hairstyle ideas to help turn your work hair into something to be cheery about!

    The deep side-swoop has been a big hit this winter season, so we are giving you the scoop on how to do this swoop with each of these festive hairstyles.


    What you  will need:

    5 bobby pins
    1 rubberband
    a brush or comb

    Start out by creating a deep side part. Backcomb the crown area to create volume. Pull all your hair to a side pony and tie with your rubberband. Then grab sections of the pony and wrap around your fingers and use bobby pins secure each section. Continue doing this until there’s no hair left hanging down. It doesn’t have to be perfect – messy is good! If there’s anything left hanging, just grab it , twist it, and pin it! Use some finishing hairspray and you are good to go!




    What you need:

    5 bobby pins
    1 rubberband
    brush or teasing comb
    ponytail hair extension (optional)

    Use your teasing comb to backcomb your crown area to create volume. Create a deep side-swoop with your bangs, pull all of your hair to one side and tie it with a rubberband. If your ponytail is a little thin and you want to add thickness, you can easily add a ponytail hairpiece .Take a piece of hair from the pony and wrap it around the rubberband to cover it, using bobby pins to secure it in place. Hairspray to finish!




    What you need:

    1 1/2″ curling iron
    head band
    clip-in hair extensions (optional)
    Start by giving your hair a good brushing. If you’re going to use clip in hair extensions, put them in first before styling. Use some shine serum for defrizzing, like Morraccan oil. Take your curling iron and using 2″ sections at a time, wrap your hair around the iron. When wrapping each section, alternate wave directions by wrapping both towards and away from your face. This will keep the curls separated and voluminous. Put your fabulous headband on and set with finishing spray. Voila!


    This next holiday hairstyle would be great for short hair with chunky or growing out layers

    This is an example of a holiday style that we recently did for the amazing Dottie Mattison.

    What you need:
    bobby pins
    teasing comb
    1′ curling iron
    dry shampoo

    If you are growing out a short cut or have shorter hair with layers, a go to would be to put some curl in it. It will be more malleable for you to play with. Start out by spraying your hair with dry shampoo at the root and lightly spray hairspray on your ends. Take your comb and create your deep side swoop by lining the comb with the arch of your eye brow and comb towrds the middle of your head. Take your 1″ curling iron and wrap sections of your hair around the iron. Take smaller to medium sections around your face and on top, and take bigger sections in the back and bottom. Wrap the hair around your iron in the direction away from your face on both sides. When finished finger through all the waves and even shake it out. The more messy ,the more texture, and all the better. Use your teasing comb and tease the crown area to give a little volume. If you have fine hair use the wide end of the comb and back comb from the bottom of the curl up very lightly- this will give the wave some texture and density.  From here, grab all the hair on the bottom and the side together and tuck them into a knot and pin it with a bobby. The key is to just pull, tuck , and pin. Hairspray to finish!

    Hope you have a fabulous hair-holiday!

    The Hair Dame

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  • Style Forecast: Hair Ornaments

    Tips for Women Hair Jewelry
    Decorating your do with a sparkling piece is a timeless tradition that has been favored in the fall and winter seasons for many generations. It’s a classic way to show off a put-together look that is perfect for those holiday parties. Its also a quick and smart way to take your look from day to night. Be festive and have fun with it! Throw a pretty piece in your ‘do and get to dancing… thats the Dame way!

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