• Festival Season’s Here! How To Create The Best On-The-Go Heatless Curls

    coachella hair

    Hi, Dames! Getting revved up for Coachella? If you are planning to camp, here’s some fun hair tips for heatless waves. Got you covered here!

    1) Start the weekend with braids. They will get you through the first night, maybe two depending on how much fun you have. When you take them out… bam! Waves for days.

    Pigtail braids -- perfect for the gym AND for getting awesome curls

    Pigtail braids — perfect for the gym AND for getting awesome curls

    2) You get to Coachella the first day with perfect waves styled and your best looks: you go to Magic carnival and party till 7 am and your hair is disgusting… sound familiar? Well, wash it! While it’s wet, put it in a French braid like below, take a nap. When you wake up and your hair is dry, take out the braid. Bam! Waves for days.

    Classic large back braid

    Classic large back braid

    3) Have you had a crazy weekend must wash your hair but have no time to wait for braids?  Let me introduce you to your new best friend. I always say the perfect cocktail for natural waves is styling cream with a little gel.  It seems Redken stole my concept and made it into the perfect product. I’m so happy because now we can use just one product to achieve the dream hairstyle of perfect natural waves.

    Here’s how you do it: wash and condition your hair, towel dry, put in this awesome product work into hair –No Blow Dry– scrunch with a towel and move on with your life. Your hair will air dry perfectly.

    Redken's latest line: NBD

    Redken’s latest line: NBD

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  • No Date, No Problem: Best Hairstyles Girls’ Night Out


    Hi, Dames! No Valentine? No problem. Girlfriends are way more fun anyway. I’ve always had the best Valentine’s with my girlfriends. Plus, it’s a great night to meet someone; men go out thinking the same thing. That being said, the way to grab a man’s attention is confidence… what breathes more confidence into a woman than amazing hair!? I created a few hairstyles on myself that are my go-to’s for different vibes. A sexy romantic, a fun and flirty, and a classic chic look. There are a few tricks so I’ll show you some images to go along with the steps. Check it out and try it yourself. I know you can do it! It’s not as hard as it looks!

    First, I love this sexy romantic look. I actually did it for New Year’s and got so many compliments. The trick is all in how you set it. You can use hot rollers or a curling iron and set. I used a curling iron. I also stepped it up a notch and used my extensions. Lately, my go-to’s are Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame. A plug, but I honestly love them! What can I say?



    Step 1: Create a strong part on desired side and spray with hairspray.

    Step 2: Start your set with either a curling iron (if you use an iron you just roll the curl up after you drop it and pin it into place) or hot rollers. Set your hair horizontally above your hair going down the sides. In the back have the set facing down in brick layered sections. I like to use bigger sections, about an inch and a half to just give me a nice wave. If you want a tighter S shape around your face, do smaller sections.

    Step 3: Prep your hair extensions while your hair is setting. I love using my HairClutch as a styling assistant as it holds the hair well into place and I can get a good grip when styling my hair. The Secret Extensions have a little trick in the curling. You want to heat them up with an iron below 320 degrees and set the hair until it cools. Any hair extensions can be set the same way.

    Step 4: Take down your set, brush it out with a gentle brush like Mason Pearson. Put on your hair extensions and brush your hair all together. Make sure when putting on your Secret hair to comb out the very top to get all the hair out from underneath the invisible band. Tuck one side behind your ear. Put in a little grooming cream and hair spray to finish.


    sexy -hairstyles


    Next – Fun and flirty is another fav and I’m about to show you a new little secret product I’m obsessed with right now. It’s called Secret Volume by The Hair Dame. It really allows you to build volume without the fear of it falling flat. Check it out below!


    Step 1: Prep your hair with waves. I wrap my hair around the iron leaving out the ends. When I want extra movement and bounce, I will alternate the direction.

    Step 2: Prep your hair extensions. When I just want a loose wave, I let the hair cool in my hand after I curl it. When it’s all waved up nicely I put in my hair and shake it out and add some wave wherever needed to blend.

    Step 3: SECRET VOLUME!! My newest trick.  It has 3 clips. I simply lift up the top section of the back of my head and clip in the hair piece. I then tease the top section of it and brush down the ends to smooth into my hair. I back comb my top section a bit and drop it down over the volume piece. That will stay all night!

    Step 4: Take two sections from the middle on top and twist them back pushing up the volume a bit more and pin into place with a bobby pin. Spray a little texture spray. I love the Oribe Texturizer.




    Last but not least – Classy and Chic. There’s not too much behind this hairstyle, but if you are at work all day having a bad hair day or went to the gym and don’t have time to do anything elaborate, this is a great go-to.

    Step 1: Get out your Mason Pearson brush and make sure to brush your hair down with slickness. I chose a side part for this one, but I love a middle part too.

    Step 2: Pull back into a low pony but leave a loop on the last tie and then wrap the hair hanging out around the rubber band and pin into place. Voila! I love to use a grooming cream and shine serum on my hair before I slick it down to get a very sleek and shiny look.

    sleek- hairstyles


    Well, Dames, let me know how it goes!! Make sure to ask any questions below if you need assistance. I want you to be your own hair expert! You got this!



    Amalia Moscoso, The Hair Dame

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