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Hi, Dames! People always ask me how to pick styles based on my outfit. I will tell you how! Below are the rules I go by when picking a hairstyle for my friends, family, clients, or myself.


Rule #1 Choose a focal point:

What’s it going to be? Your hair OR your outfit? If you have an attention-grabbing ensemble, most likely your hair should be simple and supportive of what you’ve got on (straight, soft, simple and down, or a basic up-do).  If you are wearing a quieter outfit, with basic colors rather than loud patterns, say a solid t-shirt, jeans, or a blazer, you can go all out on your hair and makeup to keep a fashionable balance.

Focal point is cut-out, so Kendall is sporting a soft updo, which happens to be a trending high pony.

As you can see here, Chrissy chose her hair to be the focal point, so her outfit is a basic color, with basic structure and laid-back style.

Again, focal point is hair, and you can tell from this picture that Dakota’s dress is a basic color.

Rule #2  Don’t compete with your dress.

If your dress has a high neckline, wear your hair up. If your dress has a low neckline or strapless, wear your hair downIf you are wearing an in-between, the choice is yours.. but refer to rule #1 for guidance on your styling options. Below are some great suggestions:

With a high neckline, you really want to show the structure and beauty in the dress. Like Emma, wear yours up!

Long straight hair is a beautiful style with a strapless dress. Sofia wore this well.


Rule #3  There’s a time and a place.

If you are dressing for business your hair MUST be neat and smooth. Stay away from sexy, messy, or texturized. You want the focus to be who you are as a person but also to show confidence and structure, not your late alarm clock. Dry Bar has opened up everywhere and it’s a great place to pop-in for a quick blowout before work or an important meeting.


Pulling one or both sides back adds a little pizzazz to a business-friendly hairstyle.

A straight blowout is a great go-to. Khloé’s killing it!

Waves and curls look great too, as long as they are tightly manicured. Olivia Palermo knows what’s up!

Hope this all makes sense to you. Let me know how it goes!!



Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame