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Summertime summertime! Its that time of year when we want flowy ‘I woke up like this’ hair. BUT its more work than you think, takes a bit more planning. The right hair products are essential! Here’s a few we love and why…


Sally Hershberger Glam Waves texturizing spray is one of our favorites. Alot of beach sprays tend to have too much salt and can dry out your hair. This product gives a wet look to your waves. It makes it shiny with the perfect sectioned look.  Take this to the beach or pool with you for a little cheat. People will think you went in the water and it dried perfectly. It will be our little secret!


Kevin Murphy Untangled is a fantastic leave in conditioner. Our hair tends to be dryer in the summer with all the swimming, sun, and the over washing due to these elements. Its important to give our hair a balance of moisture and protein. This product is great for that.  Spray it in your hair right after a swim or right after a shower. Even use it to refresh a hairstyle.


Alterna Bamboo came out with a line we love called Beach. It will literally make you feel like you woke up in Tahiti. The recovery spray is great for right out of the ocean, spray the beach waves right on top of that for a perfect Victoria Secret model look. Keep that style going through to the next day by using the mango coconut dry shampoo.  Smell like a coconut and look like Gigi Hadid on a yacht, yes please!!


Do you have great curls and you just want to tame frizz and let your hair air dry? This is a great product for you. Keven Murphy Motion Lotion will do just that.  Its strong enough to tame frizz but light enough to let your curl shine through. Twist your curls a bit on top and let it go.


Do you have thick hair and you have to braid your hair to tame frizz and get a nice wave?  Well, Neuma Smoothing Cream  is the perfect trick. Not only does this cream have all the right properties to tame and not give you a greasy look but this company is 100% sustainable, organic and anti all bad stuff. Thats right, no sulfites, no parabens, no cancer causing beasts, just beautiful shiny hair!


Ok, Dames, this is the deal with oils. A Lot of them are just topical. They dont absorb into the hair so they leave the hair feeling oily and dirty. It also allows your hair to pick up all the impurities in the hair and can leave your hair smelling like NYC muck within a few hrs. However we do need some extra love in the summer with oils, so let me tell you what you need- Argan oil (coconut oil works too) Argan oil absorbs into the hair like vitamins.  Your hair will appear shiny and soft-NOT GREASY. You have to be careful because now that this product has infiltrated the market, some are better than others. The difference is how much of the Argan oil is pure. Moroccan oil is not great for blondes, it will tint your hair with an orange hue. This organic Argan oil by Acure is a great find.  It will do the trick without the extra orange tint.

XO enjoy Dames!