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quick braid hairstyle

Hi, Dames!

Hope everyone is finishing up their last minute shopping as stress-free as possible.  :)

According to, the average woman takes 54 minutes to get ready for a festive night out. What if I told you I could cut down your hair time to just 5 minutes?  Not only will this look take you no time at all but it’s ridiculously cute and totally trending right now. Give it a try and let us know if you have questions or need help. Please tag us in your finished look!  @TheHairDame


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Below are steps to get you there with ease.

1. Put on your Secret Extensions, then apply the 3 easy steps: remove hair from underneath, remove hair from around your hairline, and comb out hair on top to remove from invisible band.

2. Create desired side part and braid hair down the side to the back and tie off with rubberband.

3. Gather hair together in the back and tie off with a rubberband, but on 3rd wrap, leave a loop of hair.

4. Wrap the hair left out around the loop and rubberband. Bobby-pin into place.

5. With your hands pull out wanted volume and pull the braid apart a little bit to make it thicker. Loosen hair around your face to soften the look.


hairstyle -braids-hairstyle with extensions
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