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We’re not sure if the 80’s were our favorite decade… But those tastemakers and trendsetters just cant get enough of those 80s inspired trends.! We saw it sneak its way back in with the leggings, then the scrunch boots, the neon, shoulder pads, and before we even say Cyndi Lauper, “Punk’ is all the rage yet again! We called it in the begining of the year with THE HAIR DAME AWARD for best hair in Fashion Week… (remember this?) best hair in fashion week worldwide 2013 – So the question is, how can we all follow this punk rock trend with our hair without looking like we’re trying too hard??

Well, here’s a few of our fave ideas…

if you have short blonde hair alreaady, just go for a little more edge… pixie it up and platinum it out



if you’re a little more modest just add some studded hair accessories to your collection. headband or a hair tie is cute, chic, and a little PUNK!


a third option is to add a braid thats a little more punk that your usual fishtail. Have a dramatic part or a dramatic amount of volume.


At the end of the day its important to all be yourself, but dont “punk” out on the punk trend! It’s fun, it’s sexy, and it gives a little regular outfit a lot of edge!