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There were so many cities, so many designers, so many hairstylists, but the artist and style we chose for this award was a close call due to the amazing work by Ted Gibson, Orlando Pita, Odile Gilbert, and many, many more talents. Without further ado … The winner of THD Award for best hair from all of the fall/winter fashion weeks of 2013 is…..


GUIDO PALAU for Jean Paul Gaultier, Paris Fashion Week!

Redken Creative Consultant, Guido Palau and his team individually cut laced front wigs on each model to shape their face. They were placed on top of the model’s own hair to create this punk rock look.

If you find yourself asking us, are you serious? The answer is YES! Dames, this is how trends are started! Guido is a declared tastemaker in the industry and what that means is he startes the trends the trendsetters bring to life. Just remember, when you start seeing punk rock hair become more chic and trendy throughout this year, just remember The Hair Dame told you so!