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Hi, Dames! Did you recently go platinum and are now trying to figure out how to keep your hair in good condition?  I understand! I did it two years ago and I can tell you: it’s high maintenance and it’s very important that you take care of that hair.  It was my favorite color change but it was also very easy to let the integrity of my hair fall to the wayside by doing little things to abuse it, such as rubber bands in your hair when wet (a big no-no) — you might as well put all your rubber bands in a drawer hidden for now.  Think scrunchies (you’re lucky they are back in style), banana clips, hair ties, chompers, braids, and mini spring clips! Braids? Yes, a loose braid when your hair is wet is a great way to dry it into a wavy shape and let your hair dry with ease. Trust me on this – one day you will want a different hair color and making sure your hair is in great condition is the only way your hair will take other colors with ease and will continue looking healthy and shiny. Below are my favorite products I used to keep my hair in great condition.

Olaplex: This one is so important. Bleach breaks the bonds in your cortex layer, which is your hair’s back bone. Olaplex builds those bonds back up! It’s a protein treatment.


Schwarzkopf BlondMe Shine Spray: A lot of times, bleach can take the life out of your hair leaaving it dull and drab. This spray really kept my hair shiny and breathed life into even a blowout.


Pureology Cuticle Filler: Your cuticle is the top layer in your hair; bleach burns right through that layer. This products fills it so your hair has life and bounce again! It locks in your toner and keeps your hair the color you want it.


Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo: This is by far my favorite purple shampoo. It doesn’t dry out your hair; it only makes it the perfect beige color. It tones out the yellow and keeps your hair in a healthy condition!



Oribe Signature Moisture Masque: We have covered protein, cuticles, shine, tone, and now this is moisture. This is the water to your thirst. This is the best moisture mask you could find — it’s expensive, but worth every penny.  This makes your hair feel like butter! It’s my favorite.


Well, Dames, you follow my lead and I promise your platinum hair will feel healthy, look shiny, and will stay intact without too much breakage!  Let me know if you have any questions.


Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame