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Sean James Decuers. Friendliest guy from New Orleans with a sweet accent and an infectious energy you cant deny. You want him to do your hair,  you want to work with him,  you want to be his friend.  This is the story of Sean James and how he made it to the top.


How did you get into the hair business?  I was more influenced by music than fashion … I got into it when I was 15.. I started blow drying my moms hair.. And then I started cutting my girlfriends hair and her sister and then in 8th grade I dropped out of school to go to beauty school. So by the time I was 16 I had a car, apartment and job.  I guess the thirst for knowledge just kept me going. I grew up in New Orleans and there was 2 cool shops that were influenced by music. I worked at one of them called Snobs.

Who was your first mentor?  When I was 17 I went to Sassoon in San Francisco for 3 years and that’s where I got my foundation. I worked for Drew Smith.

What brought you to NYC?  I think every hair dresser that is good is drawn to NY. I worked for Bumble and Bumble, Le Coup, Oribe, Warren Tricomi, and now I’ve been at Rita Hazan for 9 years. When I first came to New York It was really humbling for me to start all over, I had to start from the bottom, but  I learned a lot. Every salon I worked at taught me something different. When I was at Bumble I really learned how to use a razor. I feel like I got more education on the west coast they are more about cutting and precision New York is about hair dressing. When I worked at Oribe I really learned alot about hair extension pieces and styling.

How did you get into  doing fashion shows?  I have been blessed to work with the best teams, Eugene Soleimein, Orlando Pita, Sam McKnight, Guido, Edward Tricomi, Rita Hazan. I’ve been on team Orlando for 13 years. That’s 26 seasons.

What has been your favorite show to do?  Carolina Herrera ss2013.


 DIY style:

1) Put the hair into a low ponytail

2) To create this dramatic end piece we will us a hair extension. Take a 3″ section of a weft hair extension, fold it up in a fan like form to be 3/4″ and attach it inside the bottom of the ponytail

3) To create a loop with the hair left out of the ponytail  over load it with hair spray then flat iron it until its stiff with no fly aways. Wrap a piece of hair around it to secure it into place leaving out the ends.

4) To finish  over load with hairspray the ends that are left out. Flat iron the ends of the hair and the extension piece together.

What is the theory behind your technique? Working with face shape, hair texture and lifestyle. Those 3 things are the formula for a perfect look. My thing is American glam you can’t mess it up and if you do it looks a bit better. The thing about being a woman is to  take on different looks and keep them guessing. Be flexible with your part and your look. Versatility is the trick to keep the onlooker interested.

Is there a celebrity or show or client in general you have been the most excited about ?  One was when Jaimie Presley wanted to cut her hair off when she was nominated for an Emmy. I was excited and a little nervous but I knew it was gonna be good. Um, doing the lead on Marquesa was very nerve racking but Jaimie was the first thing that came to my mind.

Have you had a moment where you did a haircut and then saw it in the media as the next best thing? Yes I did a style for a magazine and it was picked up on social media. I came across it randomly and I thought, hey I did that!


Who inspires you the most in your field? Probably Orlando Pita , his adaptability to style, the way he makes things look so easy and careless, even just with a comb and a bottle of water. He can just make a woman look so beautiful effortlessly.

What are your favorite products /tools?

Oribe texturizing spray 

Favorite brushes- ys parks

Favorite hair pins – classic American pins because they hold more hair. I use to be into the Japanese ones, but they are so tight. Shear world is where I get my stuff

You can Find Sean James currently at Rita Hazaan Salon and every 6 weeks in Panama at HardRock Hotel.