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glam waves

Hey, Dames!

NYE 2016-2017! Is everyone ready? Glitter and gold all picked out and ready to go?

New Years Eve is the holiday party where we get to dress up and be our most glamorous selves, if we wish. I personally love a good gold-sequined number. This hairstyle is perfect to go with any dressy number, whether glittery and gold or the perfect little black dress. It’s also very easy to accomplish! It’s all in how you set your hair. Whether you are using hot rollers or a curling iron and pins, it’s a look that all of us can accomplish with a little instruction.

glam waves hairstyle

Step 1: You want your hair clean and dry. Put in 2 Secret Extensions by The Hair Dame or 3 depending on how short your natural hair is and how voluminous you want your end result to be.

Step 2: Create a deep side part in your hair and set your hair in rollers in a horizontal position going down the sides towards your ear. This is the most important — how you lay your set will determine the wave pattern you get. I would suggest about a 1 1/2″ barrel if you’re using a curling iron and a medium size roller if you’re using hot rollers. For the back use large size rollers in big sections, we just want to smooth out the back creating unity with the hair extensions. If you have textured hair, you might want to run a flat iron through it first to make it smoother for a glossy finished look.

Step 3: Once the set is cooled, take everything down and, using your Mason Pearson brush, brush out all the curs and waves. Keep your deep side part in place, run a little grooming cream through your hair for shine, and voila! She’s a sophisticated chic Dame ready to walk into 2017.

glam waves


Always make sure to store your hair extension pieces in your HairClutch. It will extend the life of your hair pieces by keeping them safe for travel, and a home to sleep in. It also acts as a styling assistant.



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