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It is no secret that celebs wear hair extensions and hair pieces. All the top salons in LA, NYC, and Miami have hair extension experts who take care of women’s tresses to give them the hair of their dreams. The best option used to be a full-set of individually sewn or glued-in pieces of hair which is very time consuming and very expensive. In the most recent years, clip-ins and wigs have advanced in quality, becoming less detectible, more accessible and therefore more popular than ever before. They are a more affordable approach to the full set of luxurious hair we all die for and you can purchase it yourself off the shelf, online, or from your hairstylist. The latest on the market has been a new trend of hair pieces that have the fullness of a wig and the natural look of clip ins. It is called a Halo and we love it! Halo Couture is a brand that is making its stamp on the trend. Ask you hair stylist about a halo or do your research online. They are absolutely to buy for!!