Posted on by The Hair Dame


We are smack in the middle of summer and all you beach bunnies have been asking us how to create the perfect, most authentic looking beach babe waves. Well, wait no longer here are some easy breezy tips.


What you need:

1. beach spray (ingredients are actually sea salt + water!)

2. a 1 inch barrel curling iron

3. dry shampoo


How to make the magic happen….

1. Its best to begin with day old unwashed hair. Start by spraying dry shampoo directly on your roots. Then hit the roots with a blow dryer.

2.Wrap medium size sections of your hair around a 1″ curling iron.  The waver wand by Babyliss is a great tool for this. You want to start making waves about half way down the section of hair. Also, leave your ends out of the curler to avoid looking overdone. Lastly, alternate wrapping the section towards your face and away from your face to achieve the most natural curl effect.

3. Shake it out with your hands. If the waves are a little tight, use a little light brush to smooth them out.

4. Spritz your beach spray all throughout your hair, focusing on your ends and… VOILA!