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Part of our work here at The Hair dame is to make predictions for upcoming trends and influencers. We did this last year when we predicted the collar bone length haircut would make a splash and a few weeks later, stylista Giulliana Rancic sent the trend in over drive when she showed up to the Oscars red carpet rocking that very do. Around that time, we gave the Best Hair Award for fashion weeks all over the world to Guido Palau for his punk hair style at Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris and as we all know, months later the theme for the Met Gala was “PUNK”. We don’t mean to pat ourselves on the back, but WE’RE JUST SAYIN….. We know our stuff!

So, with that being said… our newest prediction is all about the up and coming artist SMOKEY JONES. Not only is she a down to earth surfing, snowboarding, adventurist , with crazy talent and style that don’t quit, but her HAIR is to die for!!! This Dame will be setting the trends and the bar high with her glamorous looks this coming year based on what she’s shown us so far!  Check out this teaser video and tell us what you think?! Smokey Jones Lightning teaser…