Posted on by The Hair Dame


Memorial weekend has happened and we know what you naughty dames have been up to… but the rest of the world doesn’t need to know! Make that transition from holiday weekend to work mode look good by following our expert advice. First of all, make sure you wash your face before you walk that walk. A true party girl keeps foldable flats in her purse and we don’t hate on them for it. After a little lip gloss, give yourself a quick hair-yes on your way out the door from your oh-yes!

Here’s some quick ideas:

The Top Knot is quick easy got to hairstyle. Just pull your hair up in a ponytail and wrap it in a little knot and pin it.


Take the up-do you had the night before and pull it over to one side and do a quick messy braid. It’s cute, quick, and a great day time staple.


Wrapping a piece of hair around the band of a pony or side pony makes a huge difference in taking it to chic. Pouf up the front bang area a little or slick it down and you got yourself a whole new day style.