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The MTV Movie Awards’ red carpet was pretty much a bust in our opinion, however among all the disappointments stood out a bright gold star: Miss Selena Gomez. She rocked a messy  inverted french braid with some serious volume in the front and sleek sides. The contrast of the sleek base to the messy braid created a texture that certainly caught our eye.

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Hair by Riawna Capri


To get the look ,you will need:

– Hairspray

– Aveda Pure Abundance hair powder

– Mason Pearson brush

– Teasing comb

– Bobby pins

– Additional loose hair (either synthetic or cut-off a weft)

– Small rubberbands



1. Flip sections of your hair up and around spraying hairspray throughout. This creates texture and volume. Make sure you use a high-end hairspray. It makes a difference between those pesky little flakes in your hair after you brush it – and not. We recommend Loreal Elnett Satin Spray or Alfaparf hairspray.

2. Section off the front piece for the pompadour. Sprinkle it with the Aveda Pure Abundance and back comb it with your teasing comb. Pin this section into place.

3. Next, use your Mason Pearson brush to slick the sides up into 5 ponytails lining up down the middle.

4. Take your loose hair, long enough to secure it in the middle and still have about 12′ on each side to braid with. Start the braid at the top with the hair pinned in for the pompadour and braid over the little ponytails grabbing hair as you move down the head.

5. Secure the braid with a little rubberband.

6. Using your fingers and a teasing comb, rough up the braid to give it that textured look.

Voila! xo THD