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Texture is usually always on trend in the summer. Time to let our natural wave go and get a little body, texture and frizz ( the good kind). However its not just summer. Its a go big or go home few seasons in general.  Whether your putting your hair into a ponytail, an up do, or you have short hair, long hair, a polished style, a messy style.. all of it needs texture!  How can you bring out your natural texture?  Let your hair air dry, use beach sprays, texture sprays, and even if you blow dry it and curl it with an iron get in there and back comb  it then spray your favorite texture spray.  Here are a few examples of what we mean:

textured hairstyles




Don’t be afraid of looking messy, you can always polish your texture with polishing creams or your favorite pomade. Just put a little on your finger tips and run through pieces of your hair.