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crimped hair

How many of us used a crimper in the 80’s?  Well, those of you that are familiar congrats because you have solid practice for what is now a growing trend. Not only are they on the runways for added texture, but its becoming a tool for those with fine hair to get a little volume at the root. Below is some runway crimpy vibes for inspiration and how to take this style to the streets.




These styles are fun, and you can just add a little here or there as an accessory. We love the Babyliss Pro Crimper. Its small enough to give you control, and not too bulky. We love doing our own videos, but we like to give props to other videos out there that deem worthy. Below is a great video showcasing how to achieve volume with a crimper for my friends with fine hair. They are using the Babyliss pro crimping iron, that we suggested.