Posted on by Dame Amalia

Everybody knows the Kardashian's use hair extensions and wigs to change up their look on a daily. I mean, ON A DAILY. Their hair extensions and wigs have their own closet! Their hairstylists have a job of washing and styling their hair just the same as the hair on their head, trust me, I know them! They aren't the only ones. Nearly every actress in Hollywood wears hair extensions, most correspondents and hosts on television do and I think its fair to say every influencer on Instagram has a nice selection of hair pieces as well. 

Why have hair extensions become the every day norm? Well, they enhance your look, make your hair thicker at any length, and let you go from a nothing pony to a major glam snatch back pony in just a few min. Boom.

If you have hair extensions too, storage is sooo important. Make sure you wash your hair pieces often. Hang on a hanger to air dry, and store them in a HairClutch. It is the number 1 solution for traveling with your hair extensions and storing them efficiently at home + bonus, you can style the hair while its hanging. 


Amalia Moscoso