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Dames,  there are 2 kinds of wave sprays in this world.  Ones that have salt, and well, ones that don’t. On the wave spray shelf there’s so many to chose from how do you chose which is best for you? Lets start with how you want to see your wave. If you have fine hair, I think we can agree you don’t want your hair looking greasy and shiny. If you want a fresh out of the ocean, air dried wave look thats a little crunchy in the perfect way you want a salt spray.  They call it sea spray with some brands. If you have thicker textured hair and want shiny wetter wave looks choose one without salt.  Usually called wave spray and may have oil as marketed ingredient.

“wave “spray is shiny and has sheen and oil in ingredients

“sea’ spray has salt and is good for piecey beach look.


Hope this helped you determine which to use for different looks. Let me know any questions you have! @thehairdame



Amalia Moscoso

The Hair Dame