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When determining the best haircut for your face shape, think of a perfect balance beam. Your face on one side and your haircut on the other. Your haircut is supposed to balance out our features. In other words, if you have a heart-shaped face (a la Reese Witherspoon), you most likely have a wider forehead and a pointy chin. You’ll want a haircut with layers around your face to bring the eye up to your eyes, and a wide bang with layers that open a frame up around your cheek bones. This balances out the chin and creates an even flow from the top of the face to the bottom, at first glance.

If you have a round face, you probably have soft features and big cheeks (just like Khloe Kardashian). Aim for long, soft hair against your face, with layers that start below your chin. You could also try long bobs with textured ends. This will make your face appear longer.




If you have an oval face (Jada Pinkett Smith), you have the most versatile look. You can basically wear any hairstyle or cut. Lucky you!!!