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Too many invites and don’t know which party to choose? Why make a choice? Pick a place to dine, another to toast for the new year, a place to have a tipsy make-out session with your date and at last a dance party with friends old and new! But with all this party-hopping – choosing the right hairstyle is vital! You want to look as good at the end of the night as you do in the beginning. If the previous sounds like your kind of New Years Eve night to come, then having a messy, textured updo would be the best bet for you! Here are a couple cute ideas…

Stacey Bendet of Alice and Olivia perfects the party-girl style.

Sarah Michelle Geller makes a messy knot look hot!


If getting crazy out on the town is not in the cards for you this year and your love has a romantic evening planned, then sexy seductress is the way to sizzle. With these alluring locks you are guaranteed to lure them in and let the evening take its course!

Taylor opts for a classic style for a classy evening

Mila’s sexy hair is the perfect compliment to that smoking hot dress


To some, NYC is not the same if you don’t go ALL OUT. If you are a true party girl and you anticipate not putting your head down ’til the sun comes up then we have the perfect style idea for you! Messy, textured waves are super easy and basically say ‘fun’. Wrap your hair around the curling iron, but leave the ends out. It’s hot, it’s easy, and it goes all night long, just like you!

The messier, the better!


The party-girl lifestyle might be behind you or perhaps you just want to stay-in with the people you love. A dinner party is the way to go. But to be a perfect hostess takes a lot of work – and finding time to perfect a hairstyle might sound impossible. Well its not! A simple chignon -aka a bun,  or a sexy side pony are both looks that are chic, easy, and will keep your mane out of your face when you’re serving up that main dish you slaved over all day (or secretly had catered in earlier that evening)!


Your friend is having a house party or you might stop by that local bar you frequent – but you’re just not sure or ready to commit.  You basically want to look as relaxed as your plans but still be hot and sexy just in-case you meet a potential midnight kiss. These easy-going go-tos will work for whatever the night brings – but more importantly will work for you.

Sofia’s soft blow out with loose waves on the bottom is a great style for anywhere

Add a hair ornament for a little pizazz

We hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Years Eve! 


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